Insider’s Guide: Our favourite cakes of the lakes

Our favourite cakes of the lakes

“Let them eat cake”! To be fair, we don’t take much persuasion. We reckon resting in a café with a piece of cake and a cup of coffee after a long hike in the mountains is one of life’s absolute pleasures.

From delicious cakes to irresistible fried pastries, we've united our favourite European desserts. Here's just some of the mouth watering bites you can expect on your Inghams holiday...


Apple strudel, Austria


It’s an absolute classic and so it obviously had to make our list. Made from pastry stuffed with cooked apples, sugar, cinnamon and raisins, this delicious dessert is best served with vanilla sauce or ice cream.


Strudel is a staple of restaurants and cafés across Austria but we’d suggest you head to the Wildmoos Alm in Seefeld for yours. This popular restaurant is famous for its strudel trolley and siren – you can’t fail to miss who’s ordering the strudel!


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Lake Bled cream cakes, Slovenia


The recipe for the delicious Lake Bled cream cakes remains a secret, known only to the staff of the Hotel Park in Bled. Invented by the hotelier back in the 1950s the recipe was an immediate success and is now must eat for any visitor to the resort.


Based on an old Vojvodina recipe, Lake Bled cream cakes, or kremna rezina, are made up of layers of vanilla cream and custard. Variations can be found all across Slovenia but for the original (and arguably the best) you need to head to Bled.


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Furtaies, Italy


Are scrumptious, fried pastry deserts which are piped into a delicate lattice through a specially shaped funnel and served with icing sugar and jam. Making these pastries especially delicious is the use of grappa in the batter mixture.


Furtaies are strongly associated with Ladin culture, a distinct ethnic group in the Italian Dolomites. You can get close to Ladin culture in Merano in the distinctively Germanic South Tyrol part of Italy.


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Sachertorte, Austria


The origins of this world famous chocolate cake are legendary. Said to have been invented at the court of Prince Metternich by then 16-years old chef, Franz Sacher, this classic recipe dates back to 1832.


Strongly associated with the city of Vienna where it is famously served at the Hotel Sacher. The cake is rich in flavour; ingredients include dark chocolate icing and apricot jam. The cake is best eaten with a side of whipped cream…delicious!


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Pâtisserie in Annecy, France


Is there a more quintessential French experience than sitting in a café sipping coffee and tucking into a delicious French pastry? We don’t think so. And the beautiful lakeside setting of Annecy is the perfect place to spoil yourself with this treat.


The tranquil village of Talloires has a number of bakeries selling delicious pastries and the charming town of Annecy is dotted with patisseries. Why not head to the patisserie Phillippe Rigollot? The award winning pastry chef sells chocolates, cakes and macarons from his shop in the centre of town.


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Bündner Nusstorte, Switzerland


A shortcrust pastry pie jam packed full of caramelised nuts, Bündner Nusstorte is a culinary icon of the Graubünden canton of Switzerland. Based on traditional recipes dating back to the 19th century, the modern Bündner Nusstorte was invented by a Graubünden baker in 1926.


Today, you can sample this delicious pastry all over Switzerland but it is most enjoyable in its home region, accompanied by a large cup of coffee. To visit the canton of Graubünden head to the beautiful resorts of Davos and Klosters where you can mix fine baking with stunning mountain views.


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