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We love skiing, snowboarding, sledging, ice skating and every other snow enthused sport….just like you do. We also want to ensure that for years to come, that the snow still exists…. just like you do. However, there is an environmental impact of skiing. 

So we stopped to think what can we all do to help ensure that is the case and this has factored into our Sustainable journey, a journey we have just started but a journey we are determined to succeed at. 

There are many words these days that we frequently hear - sustainable, eco friendly, environmentally aware, climate change - but they all really mean one thing at the end of the day, we need to look after our planet. 

One way we can do so as part of our winter holiday excursions, is to help reduce carbon footprint and landfill waste. 

We have partnered with EcoSki - a brand that focuses on rental ski gear. So how does that help reduce carbon footprint and landfill waste you ask? By renting your ski gear year after year rather than purchasing a new jacket or salopettes for yourself or perhaps a new suit for your child that has grown 10 inches taller since last year, you are reducing the need for new items to be made and shipped, but also from old items being thrown away. 

The best part is, it's all in benefit to you as well - EcoSki have the most fashionable and up to date items, so you look great on the mountain. They are more affordable than buying new, so you can spend your saved holiday money on husky rides and tobogganing, making extra memories. They also clean all the items for you, so no need for any washing once you get home. 

All this with a few clicks via their website, it’s quite convincing really.

Take a look at their website to see just how easy it is to give renting ski gear a go and join us in our sustainable journey and help look after our planet and its future.

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