Take the Eurostar Ski Train to France

Travel by Eurostar on a Saturday with free ski carriage and transfer direct to resort. Friday departures are on request.

  • 3 alighting points – London St. Pancras, Ebbsfleet or Ashford International - all direct to your French station
  • Larger luggage allowance - 2 suitcases plus your skis or snowboard
  • Food included in Standard Premier
  • Free Wi-Fi onboard
  • Check-in up to one-hour before departure
  • Spacious seating and travel
  • Short transfers to resort

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Benefits of the Eurostar Ski Train

Speak to anyone who has taken the snow train to the Alps and these are the words you will hear: quiet, relaxed, and stress free. Travellers agree, taking the snow train puts less pressure on you as you journey to your ski resort.

Whether you’re a romantic couple looking for a quiet holiday together, or a family travelling with young children and looking to fill your holiday with a touch more excitement, travelling on the Eurostar Ski Train is ideal for you.

A stunning start to your holiday

From the simplified check-in and security to the magnificent surroundings of St Pancras train station with its fantastic shops and delightful cafes and restaurants, it is an incredible start to your ski holiday. After a luxurious breakfast you may even have time to buy presents in the many high-class shops.

Children will marvel at the stunning, gothic train station which featured in the Harry Potter films. For Londoners, St Pancras is an ideal departure point for a ski holiday. Its central location is easily accessed from all over town, and if you don’t live in London, why not combine your ski holiday with a short city-break?

Travel in comfort and style

The Eurostar departs London promptly, in comfort and in style, before whizzing along high-speed rail, under the Channel Tunnel and into France. Passengers can board the train at either St Pancras, Ebbsfleet or Ashford International in the UK before travelling directly to Bourg St Maurice or Moutiers in the heart of the French Alps.

The spacious seating and outstanding service, with meals included and free WiFi, means your journey to resort is comfortable and care-free. Why not stretch your legs en-route by wandering to one of the two dining cars on board?

As the Eurostar enters the French Alps and travels along the local rail network, the train slows so you can take-in the stunning mountain scenery. When you arrive in France your transfer to resort will be ready and waiting for you, and you will arrive at your destination refreshed and energised for a week spent skiing in the mountains.

Bags of room

Not only is the snow train a comfortable method of travelling to resort but the incredible luggage allowance is ultra-convenient and designed with skiers and snowboarders in mind. With two bags allowance per person, you should have no problems packing everything you need for your week’s skiing.

Because your luggage will be travelling with you, there’s also no waiting at a baggage carousel to collect your belongings. All you need to do is to remember everything you need to pack!

And ski carriage is completely free too!

Until next time…

The Eurostar will take the sting out of that sad moment when you have to return home. The check-in at Bourg St Maurice or Moutiers is easy and pain free. Once you have boarded the train you will again be whisked directly back to the UK in comfort. Using the free WiFi, it’s the perfect time to start planning for your next ski holiday.


Eurostar Ski Train Offers

Please call our Reservations on 01483 79 11 11 to book departures from Ebbsfleet & Ashford International.


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