Insider's Guide: Summer events in Slovenia 2016

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If you hadn’t already heard, Slovenia is rapidly becoming one of the hottest and most attractive holiday destinations for anyone who appreciates beautiful scenery, towering mountains, deep blue lakes, contemporary and trendy cities... and a budget!

Slovenia is full of culture. From jazz festivals, firework displays over rippling lakes hidden in the mountains, festivals that celebrate nature and history, and classical music, there is something for everyone.

Lake Bohinj Edelweis

Bohinj Wild Flower Festival, Bohinj, Slovenia

When: 25th May- 5th June 2016

The Wild Flower Festival in Bohinj has taken off to become an enormous national event over the last few years, with people from all over coming to enjoy the week of folklore, nature, music, dancing, food, workshops, and guided walks and hikes. 

We are big fans of the Bohinj Wild Flower Festival over here at Inghams, with our resort representative Claire Wilson writing about her fabulous experience at the festival in 2015, concluding that some of the best things to do there included sampling some of the local homemade cheeses, a botanical excursion into the kingdom of bees, and a special culinary evening that includes wild flowers in cooking! 

This is an excellent festival for children to enjoy above all others- not only is it fun but it is also educational and children will always enjoy participating in craft workshops and getting their creative streak on! 

Inghams recommends: 

The Hotel Jezero sits in a prime location in Bohinj right on the shores of the lake, and next to the iconic stone bridge. The hotel also sits at the start of the north shore of Lake Bohinj hiking trail, which leads to some of the most spectacular walking routes in the region, including the Slap Savica waterfall! 

Ales Frelih Zmajski Most Dr

Ljubljana Jazz Festival, Ljubljana, Slovenia

When: 30th June- 2nd July 2016 

As one of the smallest, youngest and highly contemporary capital cities in the world, the Ljubljana Jazz Festival attracts jazz lovers of all ages, shapes and sizes. The finger-clicking and toe-tapping line up consists of a vast array of musicians who specialise in every sub-genre of jazz, creating a multicultural atmosphere for music that transcends generations. 

Ljubljana Jazz Festival was established in 1960, making it the oldest jazz festival in Europe. Originally dubbed the Yugoslavian Jazz Festival when Slovenia was part of the nation of Yugoslavia, it was a wide celebration of the return of jazz music in the late 1950s. Jazz music was ruled ‘politically improper’ following the end of WWII and many eastern European states falling under the iron thumb of the Soviet Union, so the return of jazz to the nation led to wide experimentation of the genre. 

Beyond the music, there are circus acts to be seen, lively food and drink stands, welcoming pubs and bars, and general bonhomie culture. 

Ljubljana, also known as the ‘City of Dragons’, has numerous sites of architectural and historical significance. The magnificent restoration of Ljubljana Castle that sits high on the hill above the city has turned the old ruin of a castle into a fantastic multi-purpose venue with astounding views across the city. Like Berlin, Ljubljana is rapidly becoming a contemporary hotspot for the trendy, with boutique coffee shops littered throughout the city, and unique clothing brands springing up here and there. 

Inghams recommends: 

The Hotel Slon in Ljubljana sits right in the heart of the city, surrounded by the pedestrianised area and only a stone’s throw to all of the wonderful sights and features that there is on offer in this city. The hotel makes an ideal home base for the Jazz Festival with all the main venues for the event in the immediate vicinity.

Days And Nights Bled

Days & Nights, Lake Bled, Slovenia

When: 18th July- 20th July 2016 

As if Lake Bled weren’t popular enough already, the Days & Nights festival brings plenty of people into this stunning lakeside town to see the iconic lake come to life at night time. 

Three full days of festivities, the schedule for Lake Bled Days and Nights festival is packed out with live music along the promenade, craft stalls, food fairs, street performances, workshops for children and more. 

But the highlight of the festival is when the lake comes to life at night time when 15,000 egg shell candles are launched onto the shimmering surface of the water, and alongside a magnificent firework display, you’ll never look at the iconic landscape in the same way again. 

Inghams recommends: 

The Grand Hotel Toplice in Lake Bled is a beautiful hotel filled with history, tradition and a member of the Small Hotels of the World. Located on the shores of the lake, and only a 2 minute walk from the centre of the town, his hotel has its own lakeside lido, as well as a swimming pool and free use of deckchairs, parasols and rowing boats. 


Tartini Festival, Piran and Portoroz, Slovenia

When: 2nd August- 5th September 2016 

The Tartini Festival is an international music festival that takes place in the picturesque sea side towns of Piran and Portoroz on the Slovenian coast. The festival is dedicated to the Piran-born maestro Guiseppe Tartini, and is a showcase for lovers of antique and classical music. 

Performances of Tartini’s life work from numerous different musicians are performed across the town of Piran in different venues, including the Franciscan monastery, Tartini’s House, and St. George’s Church in Piran. 

Although Slovenia has a very small area of coastline, Piran and Portoroz were influential trading ports in times gone by, with close links to Italian Venice. The old town is a labyrinth of arched alleyways, cobbled streets and tightly packed houses, all grouped around a pretty harbour where sailing boats bob and sway. 

Inghams recommends: 

You can enjoy your stay on the Adriatic coast in the fabulous Hotel Tartini in Piran. A superb location in the centre of town and with views across the pretty harbour. Better yet, the hotel has a lovely private terraces to enjoy panoramic views of the town, sea and harbour from.

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