Aerial view of Piran.jpg
Aerial View of Piran and the harbour
Local people in Piran.jpg
Enjoying the narrow streets and bar in Piran
Main square in Piran.jpg
Piran Square
Piran at night.jpg
Piran square at night time
Piran harbour.jpg
Piran Harbour
Piran coast walk
View of Piran harbour.jpg
View of Piran harbour


The jewel on the Slovenian Adriatic

Piran and Portoroz, Slovenia are gorgeous seaside destinations that will introduce you to this beautiful country. Piran is a jewel on the Adriatic coast, with close cultural links to Venice. The Old Town is a labyrinth of arched alleys and tightly packed ranks of houses, fantastic Venetian-inspired architecture and exquisite little churches. The town's bustling centre and Tartini Square, backs on to a charming harbour, where the fishing boats gently rock on the glistening water providing stunning views that will help you relax into Piran holidays.






Hotel Piran

An excellent choice for those looking for a central base from which to explore the old city of Piran and its surroundings.

This accommodation is not available to be booked online, please call our Reservations Team on 01483 791111 to book or for further information
Hotel Tartini

Named after the famous violinist Guisseppe Tartini, this attractive, Venetian style hotel is located close to the seafront in the centre of Piran facing the main square.

£ 499 per person
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