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Rugged mountains, untouched coastlines and medieval villages - Calabria is a region like no other in Italy.

Perched in the ‘toe’ of Italy’s ‘boot’, the sleepy region has remained untouched by tourism. Visit here and you can explore stunning landscapes of national parks that are home to rare birds and delicate wild flora. Or drive along the coastal roads that hug the cliff side and offer sensational views over the crystal-clear waters towards the Aeolian Islands.

If rest and relaxation are on the agenda, then Calabria won’t disappoint with plenty of sandy beaches framed by crystalline waters and sleepy fishing villages where you can stop for an authentic lunch. Seaside towns like Tropea are ideal for an afternoon stroll to stretch your legs or perhaps indulge in an afternoon prosecco in a local café. And Capo Vaticano boasts some of the most stunning coastlines of Calabria, perhaps even Italy itself.

Inghams operates a telephone Rep service in Calabria.

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Capo Vaticano Coastline

Home to one of the most beautiful swimming spots in Calabria and close to the bustling Tropea, the historic stretch of coastline that makes up Capo Vaticano is a great base for enjoying the beauty of the region. 

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The seaside town of Tropea is a fantastic base to explore Calabria. With some of Italy's most beautiful coastline, nearby nature reserves and a busting town centre with plenty of bars, restaurants and shops to enjoy. 

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Baia del Sole Resort, Beach

Stay in Turiano on the beautiful Calabrian coast. Relax on white sandy beaches surrounded by flora, venture out to historic towns and villages or take part in some water sports on a holiday to Calabria. 

Try the local digestivo

Italy is famed for its digestivo (after dinner drink) and Capo Vaticano, a lovely town on the Tyrrhenian coast, has its very own called Vecchio Amaro del Capo. The amber-coloured liqueur is unique to Calabria and is infused with local aniseed, liquorice, peppermint, and other herbs. 

Taste the pepperoncino

The horn shaped red chilli pepper has become Calabria's unofficial symbol. Other than being a spicy addition to many local dishes, it is also thought to ward off malocchio (the evil eye). 

Head to the bustling markets

Most towns have a weekly market where your likely to find locally grown and produced foods such as fresh fruits, cured olives, local honey and tasty baked goods.

Hit the beach

The region is famed for its beautiful coast line. Spend days exploring sandy stretches, secluded coves and admiring impressive rock formations. Om most beaches you can pay locally to rent umbrellas and sun loungers.

Explore the national parks

Over 91% of Calabria is covered by mountains and forests, most of which are protected in the many national parks. pen days exploring forests, canyons, streams and waterfalls. The parks can be seen on foot, by bike or by car.

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