You have to Ski or Snowboard in Banff, Canada


If you’re looking for an adventurous ski destination that stands out from the resort crowd, we’d definitely recommend a ski holiday in Banff. Here are just five great reasons why you should visit this Canadian resort for your winter holiday: 


1. Incredible scenery

Banff - backdrop

Banff National Park, mountain scenery with a rugged and wild appearance that inspires a sense of adventure - this is where you can find the resort. The dramatic mountain backdrop and endless pine forests covered in snow feel untouched by humankind - Just imagine skiing in such wilderness!

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2. Double Diamond Black runs and the Delirium Dive

Banff - black run

Banff has an excellent reputation amongst advanced skiers, with incredibly challenging terrain in the Sunshine Village - this is the place to go if you are an avid skier or snowboarder. Head to the Goats Eye for an epic range of seriously steep and lengthy single and double black diamond runs or for the most notorious run in Banff.

Seek out the top of Lookout for the double black diamond Delirium Dive. Delirium is a serious and very steep backcountry route (where a guide is required) - this is one of the world’s most renowned ski challenges.

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3. Amazing non-ski activities

Banff - non ski

There is more than just skiing or snowboarding at Banff, so it’s worth a longer visit. Banff National Park is an excellent area for cross-country skiing, with approximately 80km of trails as well as dog sledding, snowmobiling, and ice skating - all popular activities too.

Snowshoeing is also great for a slower pace and a closer interaction with the national parks nature and wilderness. 

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4. Ski and snowboard in Lake Louise

Banff - Lake Louise

If you want to explore further than Banff, its worth a trip to Lake Louise, the ‘Tri-Area’ lift-pass includes a free bus that connects the two ski areas.

Lake Louise is approximately a 45-minute journey from Banff, but it is well worth getting up early to experience this incredible resort. Its remote location and over 139 runs to explore will ensure you will not be disappointed. 

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5. Downtown Banff

Banff - in town

Though the surroundings might feel wild, Banff centre is a fantastic destination for eating out or getting a drink from one of the many bars. The mountains of Banff can still be seen from the main strip, Banff Avenue, meaning wherever you chose to sit for a glass or a bite to eat you can take in the views you came for.

It’s easy to eat somewhere different each night in Banff – there are over 100 restaurants with a variety of dining options, from traditional Canadian steakhouses serving local game, to Asian restaurants serving stir-fry and sushi.

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