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Island of Ischia Holidays

Home fantastic thermal parks along the coast - havens of peace and tranquility

Ischia is a volcanic island distant roughly 30 kilometres from Naples. It is the largest of the Neapolitan islands and also known as 'the green isle'. Part of the archipelago of Phlegrean islands, in ancient times it was already visited by the Greeks, the Etruscans and the Phoenicians. Ischia’s distinctive Mediterranean character has attracted countless visitors over the centuries.

Ischia was a favourite among intellectuals and both Truman Capote and Ibsen are known to have stayed on the island. British composer William Walton settled here during the last years of his life, in a sumptuous and elegant villa. The luxurious gardens of Walton’s villa are now open to the public and known as La Mortella Gardens. The gardens offer superb views of Ischia and include a museum dedicated to the composer. The La Mortella complex often hosts delightful music recitals.

There are many other splendid villas on Ischia, surrounded by flourishing gardens. One of the landmarks of the island is the medieval Aragonese Castle, visible from a great distance. The healing qualities of its thermal springs was known in ancient times but nowadays it has led to the creation of fantastic thermal parks along the coast - havens of peace and tranquillity.

Neapolitans love this island and many have a second home here, which they use during the summer holidays. Ischia’s houses have beautiful vibrant and pastel colours, just like the little boats that you will see on the beach or floating near the coast. The island is very lively during the summer, with plenty of restaurants and cafés bustling with Italian life.

Enjoy pizzas packed with fresh mozzarella, try as many gelato flavours as you can and make sure you take advantage of the abundance of local seafood. The island produces its own Ischia red and white wine, so we recommend you pair a local wine to your meal. Ischia is famous for its little delis and speciality shops: choose some spicy chilli, refreshing limoncello or the famous colatura di alici, an anchovy sauce produced in the region.

Useful Information

Resort Code: ITIA

Languages spoken: Italian

Time difference: GMT+1

Currency: EUR

  • from£730pp
  • 76 rooms

The Grand Hotel Excelsior Terme is a lovely hotel, located right by the sea and also within walking distance of Ischia Porto. The hotel is surrounded by beautiful, well maintained gardens, making it the perfect place for guests to relax. 

  • from£656pp
  • 50 rooms

The Hotel Garden & Villas Resort houses 9 villas, surrounded by over 30,000 square meters of stunning gardens, packed with aromatic plants, palms and olive trees. 

  • from£710pp
  • 90 rooms
Piscine esterne.jpg

A five star hotel set above a sandy bay just a few minutes’ walk from Ischia Town.

  • 34 rooms

Hotel Capizzo is a hillside retreat overlooking the Bay of Citara.

  • from£606pp
  • 63 rooms
17_Cont.M 431.jpg

The Continental Mare Hotel & Spa serves up some of the best views in Ischia.

  • from£735pp
  • 57 rooms

A resort made up of two hotels the Miramare Sea resort and the Hotel Miramare which offers a great range of facilities