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Get a Taste of Andorra

Welcome food lovers. Ready to take a bite-sized journey through Andorra’s best food and drink? Bon appétit, or as they say in Andorra, ‘Bon profit.’

andorra food

Let’s dive fork-first into the culinary wonders of Andorra - a small country that packs big flavour.

Tucked in the scenic Pyrenees, Andorra is where homely Catalan and Provençal cooking styles meet the vibrant zings of French and Spanish flavours.

This country’s special spot on the map has meant its food and drink is as diverse as its beautiful landscape. And in Andorra, many restaurants offer delicious food paired with stunning mountain views - we love a dinner with a view.

Here, you can try dishes made ‘a la Andorrana,’ which means they’re usually grilled with garlic and served with ham, offering a unique Andorran flavour.

Why not give these dishes a try? When in Rome, or in this case, Andorra, eat as the Andorrans do. Read on to discover traditional Andorra food and drink. We know you’ll love exploring Andorra’s mighty flavours.

Just a tip: when packing your travel bags, don’t forget to pack your appetite too.


Traditional Andorra Food and Drink

Escudella | Trinxat | Embotits | Truites De Carreroles | Cargols | Trucha a la Andorrana | Andorra Cheese 

Crema Andorrana | Coca | Torrijas | Granizado | Orxata | Andorra Wine 



Andorra food

Escudella is the national dish of Andorra and if you’re looking to try traditional Andorran food, then you’ll want to take a bite of this.

This traditional Andorran stew is made using white beans, ham bone, veal or beef marrow bone, chicken, pork sausage, cured ham, cabbage, potatoes, rice, noodles and chickpeas.

To really get a taste of the traditional, you’ll want to head to one of the bordas or bordes, (old storehouses turned restaurants), to experience the best flavours.



food in andorra

This heartwarming dish is a favourite in Andorra’s mountainous regions. It’s a tasty dish of chopped and mashed cabbage, potatoes, mushrooms and garlic.

Other ingredients include pork or bacon, pepper and olive oil. The name of this dish in Catalan actually refers to ‘sliced, minced or chopped.’

Though its roots can be traced back to the Catalonian terrains of Cerdanya and Alt Urgell in Spain, Trinxat has found a beloved home in Andorra, earning its stripes as a local delicacy.



andorra food

Embotits, or Andorran sausages, are a local delicacy, made from pork and seasoned with salt and red or black pepper.

These sausages, often enjoyed cold as an appetizer, come in various forms like white and black sausages and fuet, a type of dry-cured pork sausage. They’re typically accompanied by pa amb tomaquet, a tasty bread with tomato.

A particularly beloved variety of embotits is obach, originating from the mountain town of Organyà. Here, traditional methods of slow drying and curing create a sausage celebrated for its rich flavour and texture.


Truites de carreroles

Truites de carreroles is a classic Andorran mushroom omelette made with eggs, butter, mushrooms, scallions, tarragon, and grated cheese. It's a simple, yet hearty dish that showcases the savory richness of Andorra’s cuisine.



andorra food

Cargols in Spanish means snails. And when it comes to Andorra food, these little critters are nothing short of a delicacy.

You’re most likely to encounter ‘cargols a la llauna’ which is a dish of oven-roasted snails. It is seasoned with salt, pepper and olive oil and is ideal for a main dish or shared platter.

It’s a dunking kind of dish so you’ll be offered aioli or a spiced-up vinaigrette for some extra flavouring.

For those who enjoy the rich taste of tomatoes, cargols a la llauna amb tomata is also a good choice. Snails are dunked in a creamy tomato sauce with garlic, bay leaves and Andorran sausage.


Trucha a la Andorrana

traditional andorra food

Trucha a la Andorrana is a popular dish in Andorra that features grilled trout or salmon wrapped in pork ham. Since Andorra doesn't have a coastline, the fish are usually sourced from local rivers.

The fish is seasoned and grilled, then wrapped in ham for a mix of flavors. It's often served with a special almond sauce made from parsley, hard cheese, white almonds, and olive oil.

Some people like to add a splash of lemon on top and enjoy it with fresh vegetables. This dish is a tasty combination of two of Andorra's favorite ingredients: fish and pork.


Andorra Cheese

andorra food

The high-altitude country and the French department of Ariège that is located next to it, produce some of the finest soft and sharp sheep’s cheese, in addition to the harder, tangier goat’s cheese.

In the summer, people often eat it as part of a fresh, seasonal goat cheese salad. Many restaurants in the country also serve some of the best seasonal salads prepared using the finest Andorran cheese.

Thanks to its mountainous terrain, many happy sheep and goats roam free, grazing on lush, green pastures. In return, they produce some of the finest milk that’s then made into delectable cheeses.

Whether it’s the creamy, indulgent texture of soft sheep’s cheese or the harder, tangier goat’s cheese, every bite is sensational.

And when summer rolls around, one of the best ways to enjoy this cheese is in a fresh, seasonal salad.


Crema Andorrana

andorra food

Crema Andorrana is Andorra's take on the classic French crème brûlée, but with a delightful twist. Instead of a caramelized sugar top, this beloved dessert is crowned with freshly whipped, thick cream or meringue. It's a creamy, sweet favorite in Andorra.

So, if you're looking to indulge your sweet tooth with a local delicacy, Crema Andorrana is a must-try.



traditional andorra food

This is a beloved treat around the Mediterranean but it has also found a special place in the hearts of Andorrans. Think of them as flat cakes, ready to be dressed up with a world of toppings.

Each coca starts with a case of dough, a canvas that can swing either sweet or savoury. Toppings like roasted vegetables, or fruit and nuts are popular.



andorra food

Torrijas are a sweet dessert that gives the beloved French toast a run for its money. Imagine slices of bread or buns, soaked in a heavenly mix of milk or wine, honey and spices, then dipped in egg and fried.

The result? A sweet and crispy irresistible dish with a soft and sweet centre.

Although you can enjoy this sweet treat anytime, torrijas make a special appearance during Lent and Easter.



andorra drink

Granizado is a popular drink in Andorra, often enjoyed by both locals and visitors. It’s a refreshing mix of fruit juice and crushed ice, sometimes with a dash of coffee for an extra kick.

Similar to the Catalan culture, Andorrans love this icy, fruity beverage, especially on a warm day. Whether it’s infused with the zesty flavors of orange and lemon or enriched with coffee, Granizado is a must-try when you’re exploring the beautiful landscapes of Andorra.



andorra drinks

Orxata (or Horchata) is a tasty plant milk drink that's loved in many parts of the world, including Andorra. It has a rich history, being enjoyed for over a thousand years in places from Spain to West Africa. In Andorra, Orxata has its own unique twist, making it a must-try local favorite.


Andorra Wine

andorra food

In Andorra, wine is more of a national pastime than just a drink. The country is dotted with vineyards, each stamping their unique signature on every bottle produced. In Andorra, knowing your wine is as much about the taste as it is about where it comes from.


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