The Best Picnic Spots in Europe

Where to Lay Your Blanket and Your Baguette

Love picnics? Europe's got some great spots for you to lay down your blanket and enjoy a bite. Read on to discover the best picnic spots in Europe.

best picnic spots in europe

While strolling through Europe’s great outdoors, you’re never more than a few steps away from an idyllic picnic spot. Perfect for when you need to park your boots and let your taste buds take a walk instead.

We’ve found the sweetest spots for you to lay out your blanket, so pack up your food with a good bottle of wine, and get ready to toast to the great outdoors.

Where will your picnic blanket land?

Austria | Andorra | France | Italy | Slovenia | Switzerland | Madeira



Austria’s calling, and it’s saying ‘Let’s eat outside.’ Rolling out the green carpet for your picnicking pleasure. Whether you’re in it for strudel or strolls, fling that picnic blanket over a patch of Alpine bliss, because Austria has the picture-perfect spot.


Ischgl - Berglisee

best picnic spots Ischgl

Taking a trip to Ischgl? This beautiful lake, tucked away in the Paznazner Alps, is a popular spot for families and boot-wearing, trail-loving explorers. If you fancy a nibble with a view, then this is your spot. Pack your picnic basket or sausages - there’s plenty of barbeque spots around the edge of the lake.

Imagine munching on your favourite snacks while the Tyrolean mountains sit pretty in the background. Whether you’re there to sizzle some burgers or take a dip in the lake, Berglisee is your go-to alpine playground.


Saalbach Hinterglemm

There’s something special about a forest. It can be your playground or place to chill out. The wellness trail at Reiterkogel in Hinterglemm lets you enjoy the forest and feel good too.

Picture yourself walking down peaceful trails, holding a picnic basket from Reiteralm that’s full of tasty bites, with hammocks nearby inviting you to take a break and relax. Every spot up here comes with a side of stunning scenery.

And if you don’t fancy a picnic, there are cosy huts all around Reiterkogel where you can get a good, hearty meal that will fill you up after hiking.

So whether you go for a picnic or sit down at one of the huts, eating in Saalbach Hinterglemm is like being treated to a meal in nature’s best dining room.


Pertisau - Lake Achensee

best picnic spots europe

Lake Achensee is Tyrol’s biggest alpine lake, nestled between the Karwendel and Rofan mountains. It’s so stunning, they call it the “Fjord of the Alps.”

Just like a Vienna coffee house tempts you with the aroma of strudel, the shores of Lake Achensee invite you to settle down with a picnic spread. Grab a blanket and your favourite snacks for a laid-back picnic on the jetty. It’s the perfect spot for a lakeside lunch.

Or, grab a bite from one of the trendy bars right on Pertisau’s promenade. And after you’ve savoured your lakeside nibbles, a post-picnic stroll around the lake will be the cherry on top of a perfect day.


Kitzbühel - Schwarzsee Lake

Schwarzsee Lake Best Picnic Spots

A short stroll from Kitzbühel and you’re at Schwarzsee Lake, a place so scenic you’ll think you’ve walked into a living postcard. It's the perfect spot for a leisurely lakeside picnic.

For families on a walking holiday, Hexenwasser in Söll and Ellmis Zauverwelt in Ellmau are not to be missed. These mountain adventure parks have plenty of picnicking spots, so you can watch the little ones play while lounging with your favorite snacks.



Andorra is a haven for those seeking scenic picnic spots. With its charming pathways and breathtaking views, it feels like every trail was made for leisurely strolls, leading you to perfect spots to lay out a blanket.


Tristaina Lakes

best picnic spots europe

At Tristaina Lakes, there’s a beautiful surprise around every corner. Nestled in the cosy valley of Ordino, part of a UNESCO-protected area, it's a favorite for those who love to walk and explore.

Your adventure starts with the Estany Primer, a little gem with waters as blue as the sky. A bit further is Estany del Mig, nestled among soft hills, just the spot to spread out your picnic blanket and relax.

Then there's Estany de Més Amunt, the biggest of the bunch, sitting at the base of the mighty Tristaina summit. When summer rolls in, it’s the ideal place for a cool swim.


Coll de la Botella Viewpoint

Best picnic spots europe andorra

The Coll de la Botella lookout is a picnic dream come true. Imagine sitting over 2,000 meters high, with a spread of your favorite snacks, while gazing out at breathtaking views that'll have you pinching yourself to make sure it's real.

Right by the quirky “Storm in a Teacup” sculpture by Dennis Oppenheim, you get a panoramic spectacle of the La Massana valley.

Picture this: quaint towns like Pal, Erts, and Arinsal laid out before you, with the lush Sorteny Natural Park and the lofty peaks of Comapedrosa Natural Park – home to Andorra's tallest mountain – as your backdrop.

Turn your head the other way, and you'll catch the rugged beauty of the Solanyó Ravine, the serene Setúria Valley, and, if the day is clear, you might even spot some peaks from the neighboring lands, like Os de Civís and Tor.

All in all, Coll de la Botella isn’t just a spot to feast your eyes on; it's the perfect pause point to unpack a picnic, take in the incredible views, and just relax before you hit the road again.


Comapenrosa National Park

best picnic spots europe

The Comapedrosa National Park welcomes you with open arms and an open grill! Right at the entrance, there's a charming picnic area by the river, decked out with BBQ facilities that are just begging for some burgers to sizzle on them.

Inside the park, you can find not one, but two spots that are tailor-made for picnicking. First up is the Roca de la Sabina viewpoint, where the views will compete with your sandwiches for your attention.

Whether you're looking for a scenic meal or a tasty starting point for your adventure, these picnic areas in the Comapedrosa National Park have got you covered.



In France you’ll find the perfect spot to sit down with a croissant in one hand and a glass of French wine in the other. In a country where wine flows like rivers and cheese is a national treasure, it’s the perfect place to spread out your picnic blanket. Bon appétit.

Chamonix - Grand Balcon Nord

Best picnic spots europe Chamonix

Chamonix is a picnicker’s dream. Baguette or brioche? Either way, you’re in for an amazing day, complete with stunning views that no restaurant can rival.

If you're up for a picnic with a view, take the Aiguille du Midi cable car (payable locally) and hop off at the halfway point for a walk with a wow factor. This path takes you towards Montenvers, home to the sparkling Mer de Glace glacier and a cute little train that'll give you a lift back down after you've munched your sandwiches.

Make sure you pause to enjoy the view of Mont Blanc on the way; it's quite a sight! Just a heads-up: there might be some snow on the trail in the summer, so it's best to check it's safe before you set off.


Morzine - Lac Mine d’Or

Best picnic spots europe

Lac Mine d’Or is a gorgeous lake tucked away at the end of the Manche Valley. It’s the perfect picnic spot with forests, wildflower meadows, and mountains all around.

Lay out your picnic then wander off on easy trails into the woods and mountains. All the trails are well-marked and are family-friendly.

Looking to stay closer to Morzine? Lake Montriond is just a short bus ride away with lots of great picnic spots.

You can easily get to the lake from Morzine by bus, and it's the third biggest lake in Haute-Savoie, so there's plenty of space to spread out. It's pretty flat around the lake, perfect for a leisurely walk or just lazing by the water's edge.

And if you're up for a little adventure, why not wander over to the Ardent waterfall? It's an uphill walk, but the view is well worth it.



Italy dishes out picnic spots like it does pizza slices. With mountains beckoning you to scenic BBQ spots and lakesides promising lounging with sparkling views, every meal outdoors becomes an instant feast for the eyes.

Lake Ledro

best picnic spots europe

Lake Ledro is a picnic paradise with plenty of sweet spots along the shore to lay your blanket and munch away. And over in Mezzolago, there’s a beachside picnic area complete with a playground, so the little ones can swing and slide to their heart's content while you soak up the lakeside views.


best picnic spots europe

In Selva, nestled within the Puez Odles Natural Park, you'll discover picnic spots that seem to come straight out of a storybook.

Picture yourself spread out in a mountain meadow, eating your snacks next to the friendly horses and curious marmots, or perched on a bench by a cosy rifugio, sipping on local brews and nibbling on Tyrolean treats — all with a panoramic view that will have you pinching yourself. It's the stuff of picnic dreams.



If you’re dreaming of the perfect picnic, Switzerland has got you covered. Imagine lounging by crystal-clear lakes or gazing at the famous Matterhorn mountain with a tasty treat in hand.

Take a boat ride on a glacial lake in Kandersteg, or find your happy place in a quiet, leafy spot by a lake in Davos. Switzerland is ready to turn your picnic day into a picture-perfect experience.


Zermatt - Leisee

best picnic spots europe

Leisee is Zermatt's little slice of paradise for families. It's like a mountain beach getaway, complete with a playground to thrill the kids, BBQ areas for the perfect alpine cookout, and picnic spots where you can dine with the majestic Matterhorn in the backdrop.

Here, the water is welcoming, warmed by the sun to just the right temperature for a refreshing swim. And it's not just about the water – the surrounding nature is a treasure trove of alpine flowers, while tadpoles and frogs make appearances in July, much to the delight of little explorers.

The babbling brook that feeds into Leisee is an enchanting play area for children, offering just another touch of magic to this idyllic spot. Whether you're splashing around, relaxing, or enjoying a meal, Leisee provides a picturesque setting that's hard to beat.



best picnic spots europe

Kandersteg is perfect for a day of hiking, picnicking, and embracing the great outdoors. You'll find BBQ spots scattered around the lake's edge, ready for you to start grilling.

Oeschinensee, a gem among lakes with its bright blue glacial waters, is a dream destination for anyone seeking a little slice of Swiss heaven.
Accessible to everyone, from the eager little ones to the more leisurely paced, the lake is a stone's throw away via a gondola lift followed by a gentle stroll.

Once there, you can unwind by the water with your picnic spread, dip your toes in for a swim, or glide across the lake in a rented rowboat.

And if you want to just sit back and soak it all in, the lakeside restaurants offer not just tasty treats but also mesmerizing views.


Saas Fee

best picnic spots

Saas-Grund's Kreuzboden Wellness and Pleasure Trail is your go-to for a dose of tranquility and nature. Spanning 1.2 km, this trail offers the best of both worlds: relaxation and activity. Imagine strolling at your own pace, and coming across hammocks beckoning you for a quick nap.

Got some snacks with you? There's a ready-to-use BBQ spot in the picnic area. And if the weather's a tad unpredictable, don’t worry – there's a snug cabin waiting to shelter you. Whether you fancy a brisk walk or a leisurely amble, this trail is perfect for soaking in the serene vibes of Saas-Grund.



Slovenia is a picnic lover's paradise, with its pristine natural beauty offering a backdrop that's straight out of a fairy tale.


Lake Bohinj

best picnic spots europe

Lake Bohinj is a picnic paradise. Close to the local hotels and restaurants, a short 5-minute walk takes you over a charming stone bridge near the church to welcoming open spaces by the lake's edge—ideal for spreading your picnic blanket and unwinding.

If you're feeling a bit more adventurous, the northern side of the lake offers a treasure trove of secluded little beaches. These hidden gems are great for enjoying a quieter picnic with the added bonus of having the spot all to yourself.


Kranjska Gora

best picnic spots europe

Fancy a picnic with a mountainous backdrop? Lake Jasna in Kranjska Gora is where you need to be. With the Julian Alps posing majestically in the background, and their reflection shimmering in the lake's crystal-clear waters.



Madeira is a beautiful island where every picnic is special. You can eat by a waterfall, have tea near a valley, or enjoy fresh fruits at a colorful market. There are also amazing views from gardens and statues where you can sit and eat. Madeira makes every meal with a view an unforgettable one.

Our Guided Walks to Picnic Perfect Views

best picnic spots europe

Paradise Valley

The Paradise Valley guided walk concludes with a delightful afternoon tea at a local teahouse. No need for a packed picnic; indulge in homemade bread, jams, fresh fruit, and sweet treats after your stroll through stunning landscapes.

Mercado dos Lavradores

At Funchal’s old town market, you can gather fresh fruits, homemade chocolates, and local delicacies to create your own picnic feast. Explore the vibrant stalls for the freshest picks.

Cristo Rei Lookout

The Cristo Rei lookout near Caniço offers benches for a serene picnic with views of the grand statue. Alternatively, take a cable car ride to the pebbled beach below for a seaside snack.

Monte Cable Car and Botanical Gardens

A cable car ride from Funchal to Monte opens the door to beautiful botanical gardens. Find your perfect picnic spot with panoramic views overlooking the city of Funchal.


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