Madeira Flower Festival

Love Flowers? Visit Madeira For The Ultimate Floral Fiesta.

Madeira Flower Festival

A Blooming Spectacle You Won’t Want To Miss

Fancy living it up amidst petals, music and colourful costumes?

You’ll love Madeira’s Flower Festival, where the petals are the true VIPs - you won’t be able to resist taking selfies with these blooming superstars.

In Spring, Madeira rolls out its floral red carpet, letting the island’s colourful flowers take centre spotlight.

It’s a party even mother nature herself would RSVP to.

Here’s everything you need to know about this annual event…

What Happens at Madeira Flower Festival | When is the Madeira Flower festival | Main Events


What Happens at the Madeira Flower Festival?

Madeira Flower Festival

If you find yourself in Madeira during Spring, then Funchal is the place to be. The Madeira Flower Festival is a celebration of renewal, hope and all things in bloom.

For several weeks, Funchal comes alive with local traditions, including intricate floral decorations that put Pinterest to shame, lots of music, shows and wine.

Unique moments include the heartwarming construction of the Wall of Hope, where children place flowers, and the captivating flower carpets that grace the streets.

But the highlight of the event is the Flower Festival Float Parade, with over a thousand participants of all ages joining in the floral revelry.


When is The Madeira Flower Festival?

Madeira Flower Festival

April or May - 4 weeks after Easter

The Madeira Flower Festival takes place on the island every Spring, in either April or May, when nature is in full bloom.

This fantastic event takes over Funchal, and the rest of the island for almost 3 weeks.

Head to the official Madeira website to find out what’s happening the year you are visiting.


Madeira Flower Festival Main Events

This flower fiesta offers a delightful bouquet of activities to immerse yourself in. Here are just some of the highlights you can expect during this vibrant period.

For a more detailed list of events, please head to the official website.

The Flower Parade | Flower Concerts | Performances | Madeira Flower Collection | Floral Decorations | Wall of Hope | Classic Car Revival



The Allegoric Flower Parade

Flower Parade

©Francisco Correia

The Flower Parade is the ultimate floral extravaganza on wheels, as floats flaunt their fabulous petal power while cruising down the streets of Funchal.

The floats are simply stunning, displaying their flowery beauty and unique decorations while live music and fragrant scents fill the air.

flower float madeira

This captivating spectacle has been wowing audiences since 1979, proving that when it comes to floral finesse, Madeira knows how to steal the show.

To avoid getting stuck with the view of people’s backs during the parade, be an early bird and arrive on time. By securing yourself a prime spot, you’ll have a front row view of the floral floats.


Flower Concerts

Madeira Flower Festival

A concert in floral paradise - need we say more?

Forget all your troubles and head downtown, where you’ll be surrounded by stunning and diverse flora whilst listening to some really cool beats.

Treating yourself to some traditional Madeira drinks while you are there is a must. However, Dad dancing is optional. But if you’ve got it, flaunt it and flower power it up.


Performances From Flower Groups

Madeira Flower Festival

If you’re after more flowery flair, then lookout for the Flower Groups that showcase their exquisite costumes and perform with a celebration of flowers, beauty and pure joy.

Many dance groups participate in the parade, all with their own choreography and unique costumes.


Madeira Flower Collection

Madeira Flower Festival

Step into the floral runway of the fabulous Madeira Flower Collection, where fashion meets flowers.

The event promotes local fashion designers who draw inspiration from the stunning blooms of Madeira. It’s a floral fashion love affair that adds a touch of contemporary glamour to one of the most popular events on the island.


Floral Decorations

Flower Festival Madeira

During the Madeira Flower Festival, you’ll find yourself surrounded by beautiful floral decorations everywhere you turn.

These vibrant displays adorn the streets in true Madeira style, and they’re so captivating you can’t help but look up.

Just remember to also look down. You don’t want to be falling into one of the elaborate flower stands.


Wall of Hope

Wall of hope Madeira

The Wall of Hope is a heartfelt message of optimism.

On Saturday morning, children are invited to take part in this touching tradition. Alongside family members, they carry their blooms, continuing a tradition that dates back to 1979.

They place a flower on the Wall of Hope, sending a symbolic message for World Peace. It’s a beautiful moment that showcases the island’s spirit of unity.


Madeira Classic Car Revival

madeira classic car revival

©Francisco Correia

This event is a dream come true for motoring enthusiasts, with 460 vintage cars, motorbikes, and bicycles on display. Prizes are awarded for the quality and elegance of each vehicle’s restoration. Celebrating the passion for preserving these historic motoring gems.

These classic cars will be decked out in, you guessed it, floral finery. A true sight to behold, and certainly not one you’ll ever see on our typical country roads.


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