Madeira Resorts Guide

The Marvels of Madeira: Your Resort Guide

madeira resort guide

Get ready to unlock the marvels of Madeira as we hand you the key to our exceptional resorts. Whether you’re drawn to the lively charm of Funchal or the peaceful vibes of Caniço, step into your perfect holiday with this essential Madeira resorts guide.

What’s Madeira Like? | Madeira Weather | Our Resorts | Walking in Madeira | Things to Do


What's Madeira Like?

This-semi-tropical island is renowned for its vibrant blooms and streets that come alive with splashes of hues.

madeira resort guide

Abstract painted wall in the streets of Funchal.

Located between Morocco and Portugal, Madeira is an island home to a magnificent and diverse landscape. This little slice of Portuguese paradise is a true gem, sparkling with natural treasures including exotic flowers, cascading waterfalls and natural bathing pools.

Madeira resort guide

What sets Madeira apart is its year-round subtropical climate, making it an absolute haven for walkers and nature lovers alike.

Madeira resort guide

Known as the ‘floating garden’ or ‘pearl of the Atlantic’, Madeira has flourishing forests and an abundance of exotic flowers and wildlife.

In fact, the very name ‘Madeira’ derives from the word for wood, as the island was once densely covered in forests when settlers first arrived in the 15th century.

Whether you’re strolling along breath-taking levadas, exploring lush trails teeming with exotic flora, Madeira offers an endless playground for those who love the outdoors.


Madeira Weather

Madeira enjoys a pleasant subtropical climate, with hot summers and mild winters. 

madeira weather

Spring and Autumn are the best time to visit Madeira for warm weather and comfortable temperatures. However, you can expect plenty of sunshine throughout the year which means you can explore the island’s diverse landscapes at any time. 

This makes Madeira an excellent choice for a walking holiday. Whether you’re strolling along coastal paths or taking an adventurous hike through the island’s lush trails, the consistent temperatures create a comfortable and enjoyable walking experience.


Walking in Madeira

Walking in Madeira is a rewarding experience with its well maintained footpaths and unique network of Levadas (water channels), each day’s walking adventure presents something new. 

Walking in Madeira

Whether you prefer leisurely strolls along easy and scenic paths or seek moderate routes to stretch out your legs, Madeira caters for all levels of walkers.

The terrain varies, providing a mix of landscapes and captivating views. From pretty vine terraces to dramatic coastal cliffs offering breath-taking views of the turquoise sea - Madeira truly has it all.

Throughout your walks, you’ll come across numerous small villages that offer a warm welcome. They are the perfect spots to take a break, indulge in local food and savour a cup of tea or coffee while enjoying the magnificent views.

Explore the Island's Beauty Step by Step With Our Guided Walks

Enjoy these guided walks that take place every Tuesday (full day) and Thursday (half day), with pick up and drop off included. 

Paradise Valley With an Afternoon Tea

Take a leisurely 5km stroll through Madeira’s enchanting landscapes. This walk follows a picturesque Levada, leading you to the Rock Valley where you’ll see beautiful wild flowers.

You’ll get to stop at a local tea house to sit back, relax and enjoy an afternoon tea. Don’t forget to visit the herb garden, where you can surround yourself with the scents of the Island’s botanical wonders.

Caldeirão Verde

This invigorating 13km moderate walk, provides stunning views overlooking the pretty village of São Jorge. This unforgettable trail takes you along the Levada located within Laurissilva Forest, a UNESCO world heritage site where lush greenery flourishes.

Remember to pack your flashlight because along the way, you’ll find some tunnels to walk through - adding an element of adventure to your experience.

The walk then finishes at Caldeirão Verde, where a dreamy waterfall cascades into a crystalline lagoon.


Our Madeira Resorts

Two different experiences await you at our Madeira resorts. Funchal, a lively and sprawling city that knows how to make some noise, offers vibrant streets, historical charm, and magnificent mountain backdrops and flower displays.

Madeira resort guide

Aerial view of Funchal with a traditional cable car above the city. 

Explore its lively markets, stroll through its enchanting old town, and dive headfirst into its bustling nightlife. The city is split into about 10 parishes - each one offering something unique so there’s plenty to explore. Trust us, there’s no shortage of cultural treasures to uncover.

If you’re in need of some serious relaxation, then Caniço is your oasis retreat. It’s a great base for those looking to sit back and relax, but also offers the option to head out and explore.

Madeira resort guide

There is a small square with lovely shops and restaurants to uncover and just a short walk to the coast where you’ll find a promenade that offers lovely sea views and rocky bathing platforms along the way to stop and relax. It’s a great resort for those with a passion for snorkelling and diving and is close to the Carajau Partial Natural Reserve.


Things to Do

From traditional folklore to lively street festivals, museums, and an array of tasty delights, Madeira offers plenty of things to see and do.

Botanical Gardens: You can access the botanical gardens in Monte by cable car, they’re extensive and have a huge variety of flowers. There are also the Palheiro Gardens that are on the outskirts of Funchal, the estate has a long history as well as fantastic views.

Mercado dos Lavradores: Explore this open market and indulge in the freshest flowers, fruits, and vegetables. A cultural hub of activity, colour and noise - it will be hard to miss. 

Historic Centre of Funchal: Cobbled streets, authentic little tavernas and quaint al fresco dining await you in Funchals Old Town. You’ll find lively food markets here as well as the street of Santa Maria, where you’ll find colourful doors painted by artists - you’ll want to get your camera out for this one.

Museums and Galleries: Delve into the island’s past or learn about local legend Cristano Ronaldo, gaining insights into the heritage and golden achievements of Madeira.

Try some local food and drinks: There’s lots of culinary treats waiting to be discovered. Treat your tastebuds to the popular and sweet Madeira wine or indulge in the local black scabbardfish and Espetada Madeirense - a skewered meat dish.

Walk Madeira’s Levadas: Walk the footpaths alongside the island's irrigation channels known as Levadas, and experience some of the island’s most beautiful landscapes.

Madeira’s Annual Flower Festival: This must-see festival is usually held each April or May and is a celebration of all things flowers. Expect vibrant costumes, music and lots of flower displays.


Walk Madeira With Us

With over 85 years of outdoor travel experience, our holiday packages to Madeira include flights, transfers, and accommodation, so you can relax and leave the small details to us. 

Our experts can help you choose the best holiday for you, and our team in resort can give you the inside scoop on how to spend your time away with us.

At Inghams, we do walking holidays differently. With no fixed itinerary, you have more time in your destination and the freedom to walk as much or as little as you like, discovering some of Madeira's best walking routes and activities at your own pace.


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