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Social Media's Favourite Unspoilt Landscapes

unspoilt natural places

Anyone who appreciates the value of spending time in nature will understand the joy in seeing outdoor scenes that are untarnished by human interference. Whether it’s rolling green hills, beautiful meadows, snowy mountains or long stretches of wild coastlines, soaking up unspoilt landscapes is one of our favourite things about walking holidays.

We know that lots of us love to post on social media all our photos and videos of the unspoilt landscapes that we have explored, so in our latest study we’ve analysed over 104,000 Instagram posts to discover the places around the world that are most often described as being unspoilt.

From the black sands and aquamarine glaciers of Iceland to the dramatic cliffs and eucalyptus forests of New South Wales in Australia, this new study has provided us with an inspirational showcase of how much pure natural beauty there is to enjoy on planet Earth.


Inghams Insights - Our Experts Share Their Favourite Unspoilt Landscapes

Before we get into the most unspoilt landscapes according to Instagram data, we wanted to share the top pristine natural landscapes around the world, according to the walking experts who run and plan our own walking holidays...

Rabaça and The 25 Fontes, Madeira

Madeira Most unspoilt natural places

The 25 Fontes (25 Fountains) trail is a favourite with our guides in Madeira. The trail immerses you in the unspoilt dense green vegetation that covers the Calheta mountains and valleys, whilst showing off a variety of magical waterfalls, pretty cascades and unspoilt lagoons. Discover more about the Levada das 25 Fontes and other walks in Madeira here.


Lake Bohinj, Slovenia

Lake Bohinj, most unspoilt natural places

For a calming and peaceful nature experience, Lake Bohinj is definitely on the list of places that our experts would recommend. It’s a wonderful area to explore for anyone looking to soak up unspoiled lakeside views. It’s surrounded by an enchanting forest, and local authorities only allow two electric tourist boats on the water in an effort to create a quiet haven where ramblers can enjoy a swim in the lake’s remarkably clear waters. Find out more about Lake Bohinj.


Lake Bled, Slovenia

Lake bled, Slovenia

With breathtaking views of the Julian Alps, Lake Bled provides an intimate adventure of an unspoiled alpine settlement. The waters of this piercingly clear lake are surprising warm, as the lake is fed by a few thermal springs. The views over the lake are magical, with the only man-made building interrupting the completely natural landscape of lake, forests and mountains being a medieval castle that peeks above the treetops on the tiny island in the middle of Lake Bled.



Instagram’s Top 20 Countries With the Most Unspoilt Landscapes

Topping the list of the top 20 countries with the most unspoilt landscapes is Iceland, with an unspoilt post rate of 13.15. Australia ranks in second place with an unspoilt post rate of 10.90, while European countries Ireland and Cyprus rank in third and fourth spots.

European countries dominate the top 20 rankings, with 11 of the top countries being located in the continent. Greece ranks in 9th spot, with an unspoilt post rate of 3.19, boasting hundreds of pictures of blue turquoise coves and quiet island landscapes, while Romania (ranking in 16th spot) shows stunning images of its famous mountain road Transfăgărășan, and National Park Cheile Nerei-Beușnița.

Ranking outside of the top 20 with slightly lower ‘unspoilt’ post rates were many popular walking destinations including the UK (28th), Switzerland (35th) and Italy (42nd spot).


Rank Country #Unspoilt Post Rate
1 Iceland 13.15
2 Australia 10.90
3 Ireland 8.60
4 Cyprus 5.42
5 Costa Rica


6 Tanzania, United Republic of


7 New Zealand


8 Peru


9 Greece


10 Georgia


11 Nepal


12 South Africa


13 Croatia


14 Albania


15 Kenya


16 Romania


17 Tunisia


18 Bosnia and Herzegovina


19 Norway


20 Portugal



1. Iceland

Iceland unspoilt natural  places

Iceland tops the world rankings for having the highest percentage of unspoilt landscape posts on Instagram. The country attracts explorers who want to embark on rugged rocky road trips, witness enormous ice glaciers, dip in natural hot spring lagoons, walk on volcanic beaches or watch the aurora borealis under a crisp night sky uninterrupted by city lights.

The areas in Iceland that have the highest frequency of #unspoilt posts are Þingeyjarsveit, Sveitarfélagið Hornafjörður and the South region. Þingeyjarsveit is home to Vaglaskógur, one of the largest birch woods in Iceland, whilst the fishing town of Sveitarfélagið Hornafjörður provides incredible scenic views of Vatnajökull – the largest ice cap in Iceland.


2. Australia

Australia Rainforest Unspoilt Natural Places

The second most popular country for unspoilt posts on Instagram is Australia, with New South Wales boasting the highest percentage of #unspoilt posts. The most popular areas in New South Wales for #unspoilt photos are Shoalhaven, Eurobodalla and Kiama, with its Bombo Headland basalt columns creating a stunning setting for oceanside sunrises, sunsets and stargazing.

After New South Wales, Queensland ranks as Australia’s next most unspoilt location, with its beaches in Noosa National Park and the dense lush Daintree Rainforest. Western Australia is also highly represented in Instagram’s #unspoilt posts, with users sharing the white tropical sands of Lucky Bay, and the dramatic red desert cliffs and turquoise seas of Francois Peron National Park.


3. Ireland


The area in Ireland with the highest percentage of #unspoilt posts show places within the Municipal District of Glenties, which covers the island of Arranmore, Glenveagh National Park and Killahoey Beach, as well as Slieve League and Horn Head. In this northwestern part of Ireland explorers will find wild sandy shorelines, expansive mud flats excellent for bird-watching, rich emerald green hills and atmospheric lakes; golden eagles can be spotted in these parts as well as puffins, petrels and guillemots.

The next most frequently seen #unspoilt location in Ireland is Ulster. Whether its unblemished views of the Atlantic Ocean, the epic Sperrin Mountains and Strangford Lough, a (nearly) inland sea, Ulster is brimming with examples of untouched and beautiful wild landscapes.


4. Cyprus

Cyprus Larnaka Salt Lake

Another high-ranking country when it comes to having a high ratio of #unspoilt posts on Instagram is Cyprus. This Mediterranean island has an exciting array of natural scenery to feast your eyes on, from Limassol’s white cliffs, to Larnaka Salt Lake (where you can spot flamingos during the winter months) through to the Baths of Aphrodite hidden in a dense forest green grotto and of course the stunning shores of Pissouri beach.


5. Costa Rica

Costa Rica Waterfall

The biologically diverse wonders of Costa Rica are famous, from its active volcanoes to its cloud forests. It comes fifth in the charts of countries with high percentages of people sharing #unpoilt posts of its sights and scenes. Instagram users particularly enjoy sharing photos of Costa Rica’s pristine waterfalls, sandy beaches and freshwater lagoons.


6. Tanzania

Serengeti National Park

East Africa’s Tanzania features in the top ten as a country with a high rate of #unspoilt Instagram posts. The country has a wealth of beautiful natural sites from the volcanic Mount Meru and iconic Mount Kilimanjaro – Africa’s tallest mountain. There is of course also the Serengeti National Park where where safari goers snap rhinos, giraffes, wildebeests and lions in the wild.


7. New Zealand

Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand

The areas in New Zealand with the highest rate of #unspoilt photos include Canterbury, Southland and the Otago Region. Canterbury Region includes snowy mountain peaks, golden prairies and moody translucent lakes – untouched natural scenes that some will recognise from the Lord of The Rings films. While in Southland explorers will find famous fjords and a network of caves home to glowworms and picturesque waterfalls.


8. Peru

Rainbow Mountains, Peru

The incredible Rainbow Mountains, which were revealed to be formed from seven colours of rock in 2015, are just one of the beautiful natural landmarks that draw explorers to Peru. Other unspoilt attractions include the palm-fringed Mancora Beach, Cotahusai Canyon and the wild sea lions and penguins found on the red sand beaches on Peru’s west coast.


9. Greece


Whilst Greece is super popular with those who want to enjoy a beach resort holiday, the country still has plenty of places for explorers looking to escape the tourist throngs. Epirus is one of the most under-developed areas of Greece, with its pretty harbour and sapphire waters framed by a rugged mountainous backdrop.


10. Georgia

Caucasus Mountains

Georgia’s incredible mountain ranges secure it a place in the top ten countries for #unspoilt views. The Caucasus Mountains provide epic views showcasing the power and beauty of nature. Timeless and unchanged, Georgia’s trails take in rich green meadows, dramatic rock faces, hidden valleys and peaceful lakes.

Methodology: To find out the most frequently posted about unspoilt locations, we analysed 54,000 Instagram posts which include the hashtags #unspoilt, #unspoiled and #offthebeatenpath. We compared this to a control set of 50,000 Instagram posts to reveal an #Unspoilt Post Rate. The places with the highest #Unspoilt Post Rate are the places that are posted about as being #unspoilt more than they are posted about in any other context. The analysis looked at countries as well as counties, districts, cities and USA states. Our analysis uses Instagram data and is correct as of October 2023.

Rank USA State #Unspoilt Post Rate
1 California 8.48
2 Florida 3.87
3 Colorado 3.82
4 Arizona 3.55
5 Alaska


6 North Carolina


7 Texas


8 Utah


9 Pennsylvania


10 Indiana



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