18 Amazing Things To Do In Lake Bled

The Best Things To Do In Lake Bled, Slovenia

things to do in lake bled

Nestled among the Julian Alps, Lake Bled dazzles with its quaint island church and dreamy castle on a cliff. It's an enchanting setting just waiting to be explored.

Whether you’re an avid walker, history buff or lakeside relaxer, there's a bit of magic here for everyone.

18 Amazing Things To Do In Lake Bled

Ready to dip your toes into Bled's waters? Here are 18 amazing things to do in Lake Bled.

The Longest Zip Line in Europe | Visit Bled Island | Make a Wish | Visit Potičnica House | Bled Castle | Walk Lake Bled

Take a Swim | Hiking | Paddle Boarding | Try Bled Cream Cake | Try Traditional Slovenian Food | Vintgar Gorge

Triglav National Park | Bled Adventure Park | Jama Pod Babjim Zobom Cave  | Travel in a Fijaker | The Poglej Church

Visit Bled’s Beehives


Zipline Dolinka

This is your ticket to an unforgettable zipline adventure amidst the unspoiled beauty of Bled. See Slovenia in a whole new way as you glide above its beautiful landscapes.

This thrilling experience includes a 2.5 hour adventure with 7 zip-lines covering a total of 4 kilometres, reaching heights from 350 to 700 metres.

Plus, their guides will lead you on a captivating journey through the protected valley of the Sava Dolinka River, unveiling the wonders of nature on the way.


Explore Bled Island and Its Charming Church.

things to do in lake bled

Take a trip to this beautiful isle in the middle of Lake Bled. With its dreamy, storybook setting, it’s no wonder it stands as Slovenia’s poster child in the travel magazines.

Hop aboard a Pletna boat, a gondola-style boat with a canopy, that ferries visitors from Lake Bled’s shore to its isle.

There are regular departures throughout the day and it only takes around 20 minutes to reach this gem of an island. We recommend an early visit to avoid the tourist crowds later in the day.

Pletna Boat

The island is home to the 'Pilgrimage Church of the Assumption of Mary', which is a charming and well maintained church.

There is also a delightful café on the island where you can re-fuel and a souvenir shop and gallery to browse.


Ring The Wishing Bell

things to do in lake bled

Your visit’s soundtrack? The enchanting echoes of the wishing bell. Inside the island's church, stands a 52-metre bell tower. It is said that ringing that bell three times will make your dreams come true.

But before you can strike your own melody, a 99-step ascent challenges you. A wish worth working for? You only get one wish though, so make it worth every step.


Visit Potičnica House

Things to do in slovenia

Visit this cosy café for authentic Slovenian ‘Potica’. Try all the flavours, from the traditional tarragon-filled Pehtranova cake of Easter to the nutty delights of the Orehova cake. And for those with a savoury palate? You’ll love their crackling and bacon filled pastries.

Explore Bled Castle

things to do in lake bled

Experience the timeless, medieval charm of Bled Castle, Slovenia’s most ancient fortress.

Take in the impressive architecture and delve deep into Lake Bled’s storied past through a captivating museum collection.

Visit the hands-on printmaking at the Bled Castle workshops and craft your own keepsake. Or bottle your own wine and seal the bottle with wax in the historic castle cellar.

You can make your visit to Bled Castle even more magical by wandering through the nearby Višce forest, which has countless trails to explore.


Take a Walk Around Lake Bled

things to do in lake bled

Copyright: Andrej Tarfila

Lace up your shoes and get ready for a memorable walk around Lake Bled. This easy 6 kilometre loop is the perfect way to spend the day.

As you wander, keep an eye out for inviting swimming spots, ideal for a quick dip or relaxed sunbathe. And let’s not forget the star attraction - the impressive view of Bled Castle. It’s a sight that will have you wanting to stop and take a snap or two.


Take a Swim

things to do in lake bled

Dive in, cool off and join locals for a refreshing dip in Lake Bled. There’s a dedicated swimming area so you won’t have to worry about doing the backstroke into a boat.

Prefer to lounge? The Grajsko Kopališče (Castle Bathing Area) has comfy sun loungers and umbrellas to rent, and is open from June to September.


Hike to Mala Osojnica

things to do lake bled

Copyright: Andrej Tarfila

Take on the Mala Osojnica hike for an unparalleled view of Lake Bled. While it’s a swift ascent, be prepared for some rigorous steps. It's a climb, but the birds-eye view of Lake Bled is the ultimate reward.

The hike starts on the lake’s west side, where a bench and small sign marks the trail ahead. From there, it’s a steady climb to this stunning viewpoint.


Paddle Boarding

things to do lake bled

Hop on a paddle board, and take in the beauty of Lake Bled on water.

Imagine gliding across its serene waters, with jaw-dropping mountains and forests as your backdrop. Not to mention the charming little island and church - a scene straight out of a fairytale.

There are plenty of places to rent paddle boards on Lake Bled so whether you’re a newbie or a paddle pro, there’s a board with your name on it.


Tuck Into Bled Cream Cake

bled cream cake things to do in lake bled

Fancy a sweet treat by the lake? Pull up a chair at a cosy lakeside café and dig into the famous Bled Cream Cake, known as ‘Kremsnita.’

This custard goodness is Bled’s claim to dessert fame. You’ll find this treat in almost every café and restaurant in Bled Town. If your sweet tooth’s calling, this local delight is a must-try.


Taste Some Traditional Slovenian Dishes

Jota slovenian dish

After a day of exploring the shores of Lake Bled, it’s time to dig into some delicious Slovenian food.

Stroll on over to Bled Town Centre where a choice of traditional dishes are waiting for your order.

Fancy some Zlikrofi? These meaty dumplings are worth a bite. Or how about Stuklji, a savoury puff pastry delight?

We recommend the heartwarming Jota - an extremely tasty stew made with turnip, beans, pork and potatoes.

And of course, no meal is complete without a glass of Slovenian wine. Cheers to that.


Experience Beautiful Views at Vintgar Gorge

vintgar gorge

Discover the stunning views of Vintgar Gorge, conveniently located a brief journey from Lake Bled Centre.

For around 5 Euros, you can step into a world of cascading waterfalls, serene pools, towering rock walls and vibrant wildflowers.

vintgar gorge thigns to do lake bled

Admire the timeless charm of the Bohinj Railway's stone arch bridge, a 1905 architectural gem. You can also enjoy the Šum waterfall from both the upper and lower viewing decks. For picture-perfect scenery, this is the place to be.


Triglav National Park

things to do lake bled

Located near Lake Bled, this sprawling national park is an absolute paradise for nature lovers.

Experience the untouched beauty of pristine forests, lush pastures, and beautiful flora and fauna. From the fresh waters that flow down to serene rivers and lakes, to the unique mountain peaks, there’s plenty of post-card worthy views.


Bled Adventure Park

things to do lake bled

Fancy and adventure amongst the treetops? Located on top of Straza hill in the Lake Bled town, this aerial adventure park is a popular hotspot.

Experience thrilling activities, set up in the tree canopies, that provide endless fun for families.

The park is open weekends and holidays throughout April and June.


Explore Jama Pod Babjim Zobom Cave 

slovenia caves

No visit to Lake Bled would be complete without a descent into this magical cave.

Located under a 100-metre high rock wall, it is the longest, oldest and most beautiful cave in the area.

Discover its ancient tunnels and admire the stalactites and crystals that are millions of years old.


Travel in a Fijaker

things to do lake bled

Explore Lake Bled in a traditional Fijaker, a horse driven carriage. They have long been a tradition in Bled and today, are the latest tourist attraction and the perfect way to see the sights of Lake Bled.


The Poglej Church

things to do lake bled

The Poglej Church might sound…church-y, but it’s actually a historic, glacial-origin cave.

Archaeologists have discovered stone tools from the older Stone Age here, and you can see their recent findings displayed in the museum of Bled Castle.

A rock star of a formation, it’s a hotspot for hikers, climbers and view-chasers. It is the starting point for the Rikli Trail and provides jaw-dropping views of the surrounding area.


Visit Bled's Beehives

things to do lake bled

Discover the sweet world of Slovenian beekeeping and treat your taste buds to authentic local honey.

The vibrant beehive panels, adorned with tales and legends, are a proud symbol of Slovenia’s rich cultural heritage. You can admire these artistic creations from a safe distance, and learn all about the craft of beekeeping.


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