Ski Resort Activities To Keep You Busy Off The Slopes

Amazing activities to do off slope this season

If you're the kind of skier who just can't get enough, you're in luck - because there are plenty of off-slope activities to keep you entertained when you're not on top of a mountain.

off slope activities

There's more to a ski resort than just skiing. 

Whether you’re meandering through a snowy wonderland with cross country skiing, or unleashing your inner child on a snowmobile safari, these amazing off-slope activities will keep your love for winter lasting all year long.

Spa ski holiday: Relax, rewind and reset

off slope activities

Combine the snowy slopes with a soothing and relaxing spa-based action.

Our spa ski holidays are a great way to relax, unwind and unwrap from your hectic day. These spas situated in beautiful surroundings will provide you with a welcome break from the daily grind. Choose from one of our spa resorts with beautiful views or choose a hotel that has its own spa facilities located either within the hotel or just outside. Either way, it is sure to leave you relaxed and energised after your ski trip!

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Cross country skiing

off slope activities

Why not join the family for an enjoyable day out cross-country skiing? The scenery is wonderful and you'll keep fit at the same time. It's a gentler way to take in the fresh pine scents and the sheer tranquility and beauty of winter in the mountains.

Skiers often find that cross-country skiing is one of the best ways to fully take in their surroundings. With cross-country skiing, you can go at your own pace and take advantage of the silence that comes with being alone in the snow! 

Get ready to see a different side of your favourite ski resort—one that's less about getting down the mountain as fast as possible, and more about enjoying the scenery while you're getting there.

Top Cross-country skiing resorts


Ellmau (83km - linking to over 200km in St Johann area)

Filzmoos (40km & 160km in Ski Amade)

St Johann (275km)

Seefeld* (279km)

Zell am See (197km)


Davos (75km)

St Moritz (200km)


Levi* (230km)

Saariselkä* (185km)

Ylläs (330km)

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Glass Igloo & Aurora Cabin Experience

off slope activities

Enjoy the stars and the Northern Lights from the comfort of a warm bed, protected from the elements by a thermal glass dome. The glass igloos, and glass roof in the Aurora Cabins, are an incredible example of engineering—opening up the beauty and majesty of Lapland's night sky. 

Imagine waking to the Northern Lights dancing on the horizon. Imagine watching the moving colours and mesmerising colours fill the sky, while falling asleep under the stars. Imagine listening to the silence broken only by Finnish forest sounds, or hypnotic swooshing of falling snow.

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Snowmobile Safari

off slope activities

Experience the thrills of an exhilarating snowmobile ride in the heart of Finnish Arctic nature. Snow-covered trails, breath-taking scenery and deep pine forests, topped off with the excitement of zipping across open Arctic expanses and exhilarating descents over frozen lakes. This is a must-do experience for anyone who wants to explore this part of Europe!

When you arrive, you’ll receive some serious winter gear including thermal suits and thick gloves. It’s surprisingly easy to drive the snowmobiles that take you on the two-hour trip—covering some 25km—in no time at all.

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Husky Safari

off slope activities

A husky safari is the perfect way to experience the spectacular beauty of Lapland. It's the perfect way to get out and explore the wilderness of the Arctic Circle.

The experience is tailor-made to suit all ages, experience and fitness levels. With shorter excursions being most popular, there are also longer half-day trips and an evening safari in search of the Northern Lights. 

It’s an unforgettable experience where you will get up close with these amazing animals and see them in their natural habitat. You’ll soon  discover an entirely new perspective on the incredible Husky dog—and understand why it’s one of the most loved breeds in the world!

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