What to Pack For a Walking Holiday

Rambling Ready? Here's What to Pack For a Walking Holiday

what to pack for a walking holiday

Not sure what to pack for a walking holiday? Let’s pack your suitcase with a few essentials to keep you comfy on your feet.

Whether you’re exploring Austria’s blooming meadows or taking it easy by the picturesque Lake Como in Italy, we’ve got your packing list covered.

What to Pack For a Walking Holiday

Clothing & Essentials | Sustainable Packing Tips


What Clothes to Take on a Walking Holiday

Layer like an onion, but smell much sweeter. Go for those light, breathable fabrics and embrace layering. Layering is your new best friend.

Also, don’t forget to pack some long sleeves and trousers - think of them as your personal shade providers.


Walking Boots

what to pack walking holiday

Suitable footwear is a must. You'll want to consider the places you’ll trek and the weather you’ll meet.

This is why we recommend a sturdy pair of walking boots that can handle any path you choose.

Look for waterproof ones that support your ankles and grip the ground. They should fit like a dream - think Cinderella’s glass slipper, but more breathable and with better arch support.

Comfort is king so you might want to give the new shoes a test run at home. Especially if you're keen on dodging blisters.

They should carry you comfortably through to midnight and beyond, sparing your feet the fate of turning into pumpkins.


Comfortable Clothes

what to pack for a walking holiday

Remember the golden rule of walking attire: comfort is absolutely everything. Opt for breathable, lightweight fabrics like cotton blends, linen and items that will keep you cool and dry throughout the day.

And for chafe-free comfort, you’ll want to steer clear of seams or hems that rub the skin.


Evening Wear

what to pack walking holiday

After a day’s exploring, you’ll be ready to ditch those walking boots and slip into something comfy for a relaxing evening.

Lightweight shoes, trainers, or flip-flops are perfect for padding around after your adventures. Remember to pack a fleece or jumper to keep you snug in the evening - unless you fancy showing off your wonderful walking tan of course.



what to pack walking holiday

You’ll want to pack the splashy essentials for when you’re meandering lakeside or eyeing up the hotel pool for a refreshing dip.

And don’t forget the goggles.


Back Up Clothing

what to pack walking holiday

It’s wise to pack an additional outfit (including socks, underwear, a shirt, and trousers) in your daypack for those just-in-case moments.

Convertible trousers that morph into shorts are a good shout - space saving and providing lightweight travel.


Your Walking Holiday Essentials


what to pack for a walking holiday

Also known as a day backpack, this much-needed piece of kit is perfect for keeping your personal belongings dry and safe when you’re out and about.

Make sure it’s waterproof with plenty of zipped pockets for all those little knick-knacks.

Keep everything organised and at your fingertips, ready for whatever the day throws your way.


Water Bottle

water bottle what to pack walking holiday

Keep the thirst at bay and your holiday greener by opting for a reusable water bottle instead of buying single-use plastic bottles.

On those longer walks, consider bringing an extra bottle to ensure you’re well hydrated every step of the way.

A durable, insulated, and lightweight reusable bottle, with at least 1-litre capacity, is your best bet for staying refreshed.

The likes of Water to Go are great for hikes, because you can fill it from any stream or fresh water source (even puddles) so on a walk you're never caught short.


Walking Poles

walking poles what to pack

Walking poles are a good idea if you’re going to be a bit wobbly on those uphill climbs. They’ll give you an extra push when your legs feel like jelly.

They will steady your steps, ease the strains on your knees and keep you moving forward with confidence.

Whether you’re scaling mountains, or covering vast, open trails, these handy helpers can make all the difference in your walking holiday experience.



what to pack for a walking holiday

Every Inghams walking holiday is an invitation to explore at your own pace, whether that means a leisurely stroll to a charming café or a full-on mountain trek with pit stops at cosy mountain huts.

One thing’s for sure, you’ll never be far from delicious food.

However, if you really want to be a snack champion, then having a stash in your backpack is a game-changer.

Feeling a bit peckish after a walk? No problem. You’ll have something within arms reach to keep your energy flowing.

Being prepared means you’re free to set the pace and savour every moment, snack in hand.

EcoSki have stainless steel lunchboxes and cutlery for sale - perfect for your next walking adventure. Read about our partnership with them here.


Sun Protection

what to pack walking holiday

No matter where you’re rambling, sun protection is a must. Pack that high SPF sunscreen (we’re talking SPF 30 or above) and reapply regularly throughout the day.

Sunglasses, a must-have. UV protection, naturally, but also because they’ll make you look like an absolute superstar on the trails.


Fully Charged Phone

what to pack walking holiday

Heading out with a phone that isn’t fully charged? 

Having that phone juiced up and raring to go is crucial, not just for those “oops, I might be a bit lost” moments, but also in case of an emergency.

It also doubles up as a logging device for every step and scenic mile. It’s always great to tally up your day’s achievements, because this way, you can scientifically justify that extra glass (or two) of wine.

Your phone is also there to capture those stunning views and spontaneous, critter-starring moments you simply can’t plan for.



what to pack for a walking holiday

Binoculars, because let’s face it, who doesn’t love a bit of wildlife spotting?

They let you zoom into the heart of nature’s marvels while maintaining a respectful distance.


A Good Book

what to pack for a walking holiday

A book or kindle is perfect when all you want to do is flop down somewhere comfy. Perfect for those post-walk moments of pure relaxation.

Just make sure it’s a corker - a good read that will have you hooked whether you’re lounging lakeside or nestled mountain side.


Sustainable Packing Tips

Tread lightly on the trails with these sustainable packing tips.

Pack Light

Flying? Lighter luggage means less fuel burned, and therefore emissions. Plus, less washing when you get back - hello extra pub time. Think capsule wardrobe for conquering trails.

Travel-Size Packing

Forget the bulky toiletry packaging and instead, pour your favourite potions and lotions into pre-used, travel-sized containers. Try to avoid single use wipes and consider a bamboo toothbrush over a plastic one.

Sunscreen Smarts

Opt for those ethical sunscreen brands, the ones that say “no thank you” to harsh chemicals. Great for your skin but also a big thumbs up to keeping our feathery and leafy friends safe.

Clean Those Boots

Before you jet off, give your muddy boots a good scrub. Invasive species can inadvertently be transferred to new ecosystems, causing harm without you even realising it.

Be a responsible walker. Think of it as a pre-holiday pedicure for your boots. Find out more here.

Ethical Gear

Ditch the fast fashion and opt for eco-conscious clothing. Look for brands that use recycled materials and don't cost the Earth (literally).

Recharge, Don’t Replace

Ditch the disposable batteries and embrace rechargeable ones. Solar-powered options are even better.

Go Paper Free

Embrace the digital age and download travel information and tickets instead of using paper. Navigation apps instead of paper maps.

Reusable Items

Single use plastics? So last season. Those are as passé as wearing socks with sandals. Try reusable bottles, coffee cups, and shopping bags. Planning a picnic pitstop? Elevate your eco-game. Opt for reusable snack pots and cutlery.


Let’s not go taking bits from our endangered or threatened wildlife. For example, as part of our animal protection initiative, we don’t recommend that our guests buy marmot oil.

It’s akin to asking a marmot to donate its essence for your keepsake shelf. Not the best guest manners.

Instead, why not support local artisans and communities? Purchase sweets, spices, or that irresistible cheese you can’t get enough of. When you buy directly from local communities, you can be sure that your money is benefitting local people.

It’s a win-win, with added feel-good factor and zero marmots distressed in the process.


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