Our favourite Alpine walks

Insiders Guide Top Walking Routes in the Lakes and Mountains

Trust us, there’s nothing like the rush of fresh mountain air and the thrill of exploring new terrain to blow away those cobwebs and make you feel alive. We’ve picked the crème de la crème of alpine walks that will leave you breathless (in a good way). These are the kind of experiences that will stay with you for a lifetime, so let’s lace up those walking boots, channel your inner adventurer, and hit those epic alpine trails.  

Are you ready to take on the extraordinary?


The Three Lakes Walks

Seefeld, Austria

Walking level: Moderate

Time: Allow 4 hours to complete this walk

The ‘Three Lakes Walk’ takes you past majestic views of the lakes: Wild Moossee, Lottensee and Moserersee.

Along the route you’ll trek through quiet woodlands, across peaks and along valley paths. After all that fresh mountain air we recommend stopping at the popular Wildmoosalm for a freshly baked strudel - washed down with a glass of schnapps, of course.

Getting there

  • By foot: Walk from your hotel in Seefeld to the church of St. Peter on the North-Western side of the town
  • By car: There are many car parks around Seefeld which are a short walking distance from the beginning of the trail


From the starting point at the church of St. Peter, take the no.2 path up to the Wildmoosalm.

This mountain restaurant is by the first of the three lakes, Wild Moossee, and is famous for its schnapps fountain and ‘strudel siren’ (not to be missed)!

Continue along path no.3 and you will reach the second lake of this walk, Lottenssee. This is a fantastic spot for a picnic lunch before continuing on to the third lake, Möserer See.

If you fancy it, pack your trunks for your hike as Möserersee is a warm water lake and free to swim in.

From here, begin your descent into Mösern where there are regular buses running back to Seefeld.


The Zillertal Nature Trail

Mayrhofen, Austria

Walking level: Moderate

Time: Allow a couple of hours to complete this walk

Surrounded by four valleys and boasting an incredible 1,700km of walking trails, the Zillertal Nature Park is a real walk on the wild side. There are a variety of trails and routes with the toughest hikes going up the Ahornspitze.

The park is great for lovers of bird watching. There are wonderful opportunities to spot wild birds of prey in the Eagles Valley or you can visit the stunning Birds of Prey Show at the Ahorn Eagles Stage.

Getting there

  • By bus: Buses run regularly to Mayrhofen, once in the town, follow directions to the Ahornbahn
  • By foot: The Ahornbahn is a ten-minute walk from the centre of Mayrhofen
  • By car: There is free car parking at the bottom of the Ahornbahn gondola in Mayrhofen. For access to the Stillup Valley basin, follow the Stillupbach which begins just behind the Ahornstrabe


For a pleasant walk up and around the Ahorn towards the Ahornspitz summit, take the Ahornbahn gondola from the centre of Mayrhofen.

Follow the wide and neatly maintained tracks to the Edelhutte focus point. From there you can ascend the summit of the Ahornspitze where you will be rewarded with amazing views.

From the top you can retrace your steps all the way back to the Ahornbahn lift.


The Soca River Trail

Kranjska Gora, Slovenia
© 2015 Slovenian Tourist Board

Walking level: Easy

Time: Allow 5 hours to complete this walk

Another walk for those who love nature, this trail will take you through the unspoilt Triglav National Park. Closely following each meandering curve of the Soča River, otherwise known as the Emerald River for its shockingly beautiful shade of turquoise, this walk will lead you deep into the beautiful Julian Alps.

This is a relatively easy, pleasant downhill walk that covers 8km. Dotted with waterfalls and tracks that take you to remote villages and farm houses, it’s a shame that Slovenia is so often overlooked by keen walkers, but this is one trail not to miss.

Getting there

  • By bus: Public transport only runs at peak times of the year (twice a day during July and August)
  • By car: Car parking is available at Trenta, in the heart of the National Park. However, this trail doesn’t loop and you will need to retrace your steps to return to the starting point


The Soča River trail runs from the source of the Soča River in Triglav National Park towards the town of Bovec. Along the way you will pass several deep gorges and experience Triglav National Park in all its majesty.


The Cinema Walk

Merano, Italy

Walking level: Moderate

Time: Allow 3 hours to complete this walk

Not to be confused with Hollywood, this ‘cinema’ walk offers you an opportunity to sit and watch nature’s very own silver screen from a purpose built amphitheatre that perches high on a cliff edge,  the seating has incredible views across the Alto Aldidge valley.

Getting there

  • By bus: You will need to take the bus from Merano to Verano. From here you can take the Merano2000 gondola to reach the start point for this walk. Car parking is available at the base of the Merano2000 gondola which takes you to the start of this walk


The highlight of the walk is the stunning, panoramic view from the amphitheatre at the top of the range. The amphitheatre offers breath taking views across the Alto Adige valley to the Ortler, Texel and high Dolomite mountain ranges.

The route takes you through alpine pastures and open forests. We recommend lunch in one of the attractive, rustic farmhouses along the route.

The walk ends in the village of Halfling where you can take the bus back down to Merano.


La Jonction

Chamonix, France

Walking level: Challenging

Time: Allow 6-8 hours to complete this walk

The La Jonction trail takes you between the glaciers of Bosson and Taconnaz, providing spectacular views of the surrounding valley. This part of the mountain was where Jacques Balmat and Michel-Gabriel Paccard made the first successful ascent of Mont Blanc – all the way back in 1786.

Getting there

  • By bus: An extensive bus service runs throughout Chamonix. You can take the bus the Glacier des Bossons, about 71m from where you can join the walk


Take the chairlift from Bossons village to 1,425m where you can join the La Jonction trail.

The Chalet du Glacier is only 5-minutes along from the chairlift starting point, sadly too early to stop for lunch. But it would be a shame to skip this charming little restaurant so consider stopping for coffee.

The hike requires excellent fitness as you cover rocky terrain and at high altitude, reaching heights of 2,589m.

The Chalet des Pyramides, where the hike ends, hangs precipitously over the valley and offers spectacular views over Chamonix from its terrace restaurant – well worth a pit stop.


The Matterhorn Trail

Zermatt, Switzerland

Walking level: Moderate

Time: Allow 3 hours 45-minutes for this walk

The Matterhorn is the world’s most iconic mountain. This trail gives you the chance to explore its unique features: its physical origins, its legends and stories, and everything else about this iconic peak. Along the way you’ll be entertained with a series of information panels that cover many different aspects of the Matterhorn from quite close up.

Getting there

  • By foot: The base of the Matterhorn Express/Zermatt Furi gondola is 15 minutes from the centre of Zermatt.


The Matterhorn Trail starts at the top of the Matterhorn Express/Zermatt Furi gondola. The path takes you from the iconic peak of the Matterhorn, all the way back down to the centre of Zermatt.

Along the way you’ll discover the fantastic Schwarzsee, dramatically located little lake with stunning views of the rugged surroundings.

We recommend stopping for a gourmet bite to eat at Stafelalp, a modern yet charming mountain restaurant before heading back into Zermatt past the Zmutt dam.


The Eiger Trail

Grindelwald, Switzerland

Walking level: Moderate

Time: Allow 1 hour 50-minutes for this walk

The Eiger trail traverses the near vertical and infamous north face of the Eiger, and the mountain towers over passing walkers.

The Eiger mountain (which literally translates as Ogre mountain) is part of a trio of famous mountains including the Monch and the Jungfrau (the Monk and the Maiden) which dominate this resort.

Did you know that the Jungfrau region was an inspiration for Tolkien’s Middle Earth? Strolling through the picturesque landscapes of rushing waterfalls, fascinating rock formations and deep, woody forests it’s not hard to see why.

Getting there

  • By train: take the train from Grindelwald to Eigergletscher train station.


The Eiger trail begins by Eigergletscher station and leads down to Alpiglen. The trail skims the bottom of the sheer side of the Eiger known as ‘The North Face’.

There are plenty of opportunities along the way to sit down for a picnic and refuel.


Lago Blu

Champoluc, Italy

Walking level: Moderate

Time: 4 hours

Lago Blu is a stunning lake that everyone should visit when exploring the Monte Rosa mountain area. The walk to get there is incredible, with varied terrain that adds to the overall experience. It’s definitely a must-do for any hiker looking for a fantastic walk in the mountains.

The main attraction of the hike starts in Saint Jacques which is easy to get to from Champoluc. You’ll pass through a cute little mountain village called Fiery before finally reaching Lago Blu. Nestled amidst the mountains, this hidden gem is a sight to behold.

Getting there

  • By bus: Take the bus from Champoluc Funivie to St Jacques (5 minutes)


The walking route to Lago Blue starts with an ascent from St Jacques, following the rushing waters of the glacial melt towards the village of Fiery. As you climb, you’ll be treated to beautiful views of the Ayas Valley below, which is just the start of the many stunning vistas you’ll encounter.

Continuing up the mountainside through the trees, you’ll pass farms and cows - making it an ideal spot for animal lovers. Once you reach the top of the mountain, the scenery changes once more. The open glacial basin offers wonderful views of the glacier and the valley behind it. After this climb, the terrain becomes flatter, providing an opportunity to rest and recover.

As you approach the end of the walk, the sight of the Lago Blu comes into view through the rocks at the base of the glacier, which is a truly satisfying moment. When you finally reach the lake, you’ll be captivated by the mesmerising colour of the blue glacial waters.

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