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Ski Holidays for Beginners

Learning to Ski

Skiing is for everyone. Whatever your age, whatever your level of fitness; so long as you’re willing to learn and fancy an adventure, it’s never too late to learn a new sport!

Learning the do's and dont's of a new sport can be pretty intimidating to begin with. What do I wear? Where do I go? What do I need to go skiing? How do I do this/that, and what on earth are salopettes?! Where to ski and snowboard is one of our frequent beginner questions, alongside where the best ski destinations are.

Luckily, you have come to the right place. Inghams have over 85 years of experience in the skiing and snowboarding industry and have introduced thousands of people to the fun and exciting world of snow sports over the years. We know where the best skiing destinations lie, and are experts at putting together ski holidays for beginners. You can trust the experts at Inghams HQ to give you the best advice on planning your first ever ski holiday whether it’s you as the beginner, a friend or partner, or children.

We can help you arrange the following commodities for your trip:

Most of our resorts do an exclusive ‘Learn to Ski Package’ for Inghams customers.  It’s worth checking during your booking if your resort offers this excellent combined package so you can save some pennies for the après ski! 

Before you set off on your first ever novice ski holiday there may be various questions going through your mind about where to go, what to pack, what to wear, how do decipher your insurance policy and how to get some practice before hand... Have a read of some of our Insider’s Guides and Quick Guides to skiing and snowboarding, written by our very own in-house ski experts.


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Insider’s Guide: Best Ski Resorts for Beginners
Wondering where you should go for your first ski trip? We have devised a top 10 guide of the 'Best Ski Resorts for Beginners'. From Europe to North America, we give you the low-down on where are the best resorts to make those 'first tracks' and what you need to have the best time on the slopes.

Insider’s Guide: Best ski clubs & snow centres in the UK 
Whether you're a complete beginner who wants to sample the world of skiing and snowboarding before you commit to a holiday to the Alps... or you simply can't get enough of your favourite sport, sometimes visiting a skiing and snowboarding centre here at home is the quick, fun fix you need.

Quick guide: Ski Insurance Explained
Deciphering your insurance policy is difficult enough but knowing that you'll require a different form of travel insurance for your skiing holiday can be enough to leave us shaking our heads in despair! Luckily, the travel experts at Inghams HQ have broken down the important parts of winter sports travel insurance into bite sized chunks for you.


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Quick guide: A-Z Glossary of ski slang and trail talk 
Do you know your Après Ski from your Whiteout? Test yourself with our entertaining quick guide to all the slang and lingo you may encounter while on the slopes (or in the bars afterwards).

Quick guide: Skiers code of conduct (Piste etiquette) 
There's more to being a good skier than parallel turns and tricks. Clue yourself up on good skiing and piste etiquette before you head out to the slopes this winter for a safe and fun-filled holiday.

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Insider's Guide: The ultimate pre-ski work out  
If you've got a ski trip on the horizon and are wondering what you can do to start getting into shape ahead of your trip to the mountains, then look no further than our ultimate pre-ski work out.


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Quick guide: Beginner skiing FAQ's 
As someone about to jet out for their first skiing trip, we're sure you have hundreds of questions on your mind! Hopefully this Quick Guide to beginner skiing and snowboarding will help you know everything you need to know before you go.

Quick guide: What to wear for skiing and snowboarding 
What to wear for skiing can always be a bit confusing to start with, especially with all the different kinds of technical clothing available! This handy Quick Guide breaks down the fundamentals of dressing for the mountains into three easy steps.

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Quick Guide: What to pack for skiing   
Packing for a holiday can sometimes be a bit wearisome. Especially with those ghastly airline baggage allowances! And if this is your first ever ski trip, you may need a helping hand with deciding what to fit into your limited amount of luggage space.


If we haven’t answered all of your questions, drop us a message on Facebook, or Twitter, or contact our friendly customer services team on 01483 79 11 11


If you’re looking for some advice on skiing with children as a family for the first time, take a look at our Family Ski Holidays page. Here you will find plenty of information on the best resorts for children, chalets and hotels that are child-friendly and all sorts of activities to keep the little ones occupied during the trip.

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