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A vibrant village steeped in Ladino culture

Ortisei is a large village in the Italian Dolomites where tourism sits alongside woodcarving as the major industry.

This Süd Tyrol region was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire until it was annexed by Italy in 1919. This dual history of Austro-Bavarian and Italian cultures is fascinating with German still widely spoken alongside Italian. In addition there is also a local historic Alpine language, Ladin, which the majority first language of the inhabitants of this village.

Whichever way you look at it Ortisei (Italian), St Ulrich in Gröden (German) or Urtijëi (Ladin) is both a lovely location in itself and a super centre for summer holidays in the dramatic Dolomites, with walkers and nature lovers attracted by the beauty of the mountains and the flora and fauna of the unspoilt Alpine environment.


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