Guided Walks in Belle Plagne

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Guided Walks in Belle Plagne

By Lizzie, Inghams Resort Representative

When: 9:30am and 2:00pm every Sunday and Thursday

Where: 9th floor exit of the Hotel Des Deux Domaines

Cost: Free

What you will need: Sun cream, sun hat, sunglasses, practical shoes, water & your camera

The free wander-walks with our local guides Louisa and Emmanuel are always informative, interesting and are a great way to orientate yourself around the resort. They are catered to the size and ability of the group so no two walks are the same, and if there are enough participants they will divide into separate groups, usually offering either a gentler or slightly more challenging option.

On one particular trail we turn right out of the hotel, walk through Belle Plagne village and take the path up towards the plateau which is visible from the hotel. Do not be deceived, although this may look difficult from far away, the trail is actually very gentle, and the guides will stop every 10-20 minutes for a water stop, photo opportunities, and to give you some information about the area. As this is the cheese factory walk, Emmanuel or Louisa speak a lot about the local farming, telling us all about the history and background of the Beaufort cheese which is produced in the local area, and the methods and processes involved in making it. Upon arriving at the factory you are able to look inside and watch the process, and then are given free samples of Beaufort to try. After a little rest stop the walk continues on to the Mont Blanc viewpoint, where you can enjoy some of the spectacular views Belle Plagne has to offer.

Another option during the week is the walk entitled ‘Search for Edelweiss’ which is focused on the alpine flowers scattered in abundance across the stunning meadows in the resort. Often this walk takes a very different route, heading up towards the Arpette at the back of the hotel. Both of our wonderful guides are extremely knowledgeable about the various plants and flowers and always spot the best places to find them. Again this walk is very gentle and a lovely addition to your holiday. It is a chance to explore, safe in the knowledge that you will never be lost as you are in the company of local experts, and you will be sure to learn about the local area along the way. The beautiful flowers make for fantastic photographs, and for any keen garden or wildlife lovers this is the ideal walk for you.

After each walk you will return to the hotel via the small village of Bellecote which is just beneath Belle Plagne, though if you wish to continue exploring on your own, you are more than welcome – a perfect opportunity to take your packed lunch and find a lovely picnic spot somewhere on the mountain.