Lapland – True or False

Lapland is a place of intrigue, it’s full of mystery and looks like something straight out of a fairy tale book. Find out more about this magical place and be prepared for the unexpected. Play along and see how much you know about Lapland. There’s sure to be some interesting facts to add to your

Top things to do in Lapland (including meeting Santa!)

From husky sledding and reindeer safaris, to snowmobiling and skiing, Lapland is home to some of the most spellbinding experiences in Scandinavia. With snow-covered forests and rolling hillsides as your backdrop, whether you’re visiting on a family ski holiday or looking to get away on a magical family adventure, visiting Lapland is sure to open

Lapland Holidays Cabins

The stunning Polar Night in Ylläs, Lapland

‘Kaamos’ is the Finnish word for the polar night. A period in Ylläs, 150km above the Arctic Circle, when the sun doesn’t rise for nearly a month. It has just started. We’ve seen the last of the sun’s shining face set on this snowy arctic landscape. For me, it’s one of the most fascinating and

Polar Night - Northern Lights

Learning to cross-country ski in Lapland

Our representative in Ylläs, Ryan gives us a fascinating insight into his new-found passion – cross-country skiing – discovered amongst the beautiful wilderness of Lapland. I stopped in the middle of the track and my body became as still as the world around me. The only sound was my thumping heart. Silence and stillness unlike

Is there anywhere more magical than Lapland?

There is nothing more magical than a trip to Lapland, and a chance to meet the big man himself. As a child I was fascinated with Santa and everything that surrounded him.  In fact, I didn’t really stopped believing in him till I was 11.  Santa was a legend.  What kind of person nips into

Frozen Landscapes: Photographing Finnish Lapland

Just like everyone else, ahead of my arrival in to Lapland I was so HUGELY excited to come to Lapland to experience all of the unmissable activities, that is, the reindeer sleigh rides, husky sleds, snowmobiling and of course, working alongside the real Santa!! The last thing I was thinking about before departure was bringing a decent camera as

Muotka Wilderness Lodge

Outside, icicles hang from a roof laden in deep snow, while fir trees sculptured by ice, stand like frozen sentinels under a crisp night sky. Inside everything is warm, cosy and relaxed. A log fire roars, and a golden glow from glass-roofed cabins is discernible in the distance. This is the Muotka Wilderness Lodge, located

A brief introduction to the Ylläs Jazz Blues Festival

January in Äkäslompolo is, perhaps unexpectedly, the time to dance away those winter blues! It’s probably pretty unexpected to hear, but each year at the end of the month the sound of saxophones, trumpets, guitars, accordions and laughter warm up the frozen landscape as music and dance enthusiasts from all over Finland wake up and shake