Top 5 Ski Apps

With each year that passes, technology is getting more and more advanced and the ski industry is not exempt from this progress. There are new ski and snowboard apps emerging all the time, afterall, it’s snowing somewhere! The idea behind these apps is predominantly to track your skiing and snowboarding speed, the distance you’ve skied

Arnie Wilson Visits Jasper…

I could hardly believe it had been five years or so since my last visit to Marmot Basin and it gave me a new insight into this charming and picturesque ski area: it punches way above its weight! By which I mean that although the trail map doesn’t look that extensive, when you get out

Teach 80 to Ski

On Saturday 8th November to celebrate our 80th anniversary we took on the challenge of teaching 80 beginners to ski. With the help of our friends at Skiplex we arranged for guests to come and have a go on the slopes at the Reading centre. It wouldn’t be right to celebrate our anniversary without wearing

Learn to Ski with Skiplex

We at Inghams have recently launched an exciting partnership with Skiplex! If you book with us before the 30th November you will get a free ski lesson at your nearest centre in the UK. Skiplex is effectively a giant revolving treadmill which can change in speed and gradient to suit your ability and needs. A

The Spy Who Skied Me

You can always bank on us to tell you about skiing, but in this blog we’re going to spoil you and combine it with the adventures of the world’s most famous secret agent – 007. Bond meets the slopes and here are his greatest hits! ON HER MAJESTY’S SECRET SERVICE – 1969 Bond on two

The Top 10 Most Terrifying Pistes

In the spirit of Halloween later this month, we’ve been researching which pistes are the scariest and most terrifying.  From our head office input and from Facebook and Twitter users we’ve compiled a list of the most daring slopes to attempt.

Winterfest in Obertauern

Simon, our resort manager out in Obertauern, reporting on the annual Winterfest in resort, take a look! February saw the annual Winterfest take place, where the Grillitsch Ski School provide a free show of their skills. The event attracted hundreds of spectators and took place on a chilly evening by the Kirchbuhllift in Obertauern. The

Don’t Judge a Ski Jacket by its Colour

Ellis Brigham have a great reputation in the industry due to their fantastic heritage. Over the last 75 years, much like Inghams, they have  grown to become one of the leading specialists in the field. We met up with Dave Whitlow from Ellis Brigham to discuss the types of jackets we’re seeing on the market