Learn to Ski with Skiplex

Posted on November 2, 2014 in Inghams Reviews Ski Holidays Ski Tips by Tim.Fowler Tags: , , , , , ,

We at Inghams have recently launched an exciting partnership with Skiplex! If you book with us before the 30th November you will get a free ski lesson at your nearest centre in the UK.

Skiplex is effectively a giant revolving treadmill which can change in speed and gradient to suit your ability and needs. A few of us from the Inghams Head Office visited the Basingstoke centre to have a go. Here’s how we got on!

The unique thing about Skiplex is that you can turn up in your everyday gear and be on the slopes within minutes. It also has a ballet style bar in front of you to give beginners the initial confidence when learning techniques.  One thing we all really liked was the fact that you can see yourselves in the mirror when practicing, this makes it much easier to see where you’re going wrong and how to improve your skills.

Lessons are run by the Skiplex qualified instructors and with such a small number of people on each slope at a time, this one on one style tuition is key for when you are starting out as a beginner.

For more information about Skiplex, head over to their site and for more information about our booking offer, take a look on our site.


Alex- Inghams Web designer

“Great place to learn in a safe environment and really helpful having the instructor right there to show you what you’re doing right (or wrong). It’s obviously different to skiing on snow but it will help get the fundamentals right which would otherwise use up valuable ski days on holiday. Fantastic place for kids to learn too. I’ll definitely be going back.”

 Lisa- Inghams PR Manager 

“If you can ski on this, you can ski on anything.

As a fairly competent skier I found my Skiplex experience a challenge.  It was like skiing on a travalator covered in grass and moving at high speed backwards. It was fun and exhausting.

Very useful for technique and working on your position. It would be brilliant for beginners.”

Adam- Inghams Digital Marketing Executive

“Having not been before I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it was more challenging than expected. However, with the use of the mirror and calming influence of the instructors, you soon start to find a rhythm and now I can see why it’s so great for beginners and much quicker for them to learn to ski at Skiplex!”

 Jody- Hotelplan Head of Digital Marketing

“I was a bit apprehensive for my visit to Skiplex, having attempted snowboarding two years ago and struggled, the thought of repeating that experience on skis in front of a number of my colleagues didn’t really fill me with warm and fuzzy feelings! 

I needn’t have worried, I really enjoyed the experience and plan to book a course of lessons so my next experience on the “real stuff” is far more enjoyable! From start to finish the instructors talk you through what to expect, how to do things and completely look after you, including picking you up when you end-up in a heap (it doesn’t happen often)! For a complete beginner I would definitely recommend it.”