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Whether you’re looking for a casual stroll in Switzerland, a romantic getaway in Slovenia or an interesting tale to bring home from Italy, you can rely our expert knowledge. Our handy Insider’s Guides bring you the best the Lakes & Mountains have to offer...


Where to go

Meet The Experts Lm
Insider’s Guides: Meet our Experts
Meet our team of in-house experts. We’ll give our top tips : where to go and what to do to. It’s sure to inspire you.
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Top 15 Romantic Resorts
Insider’s Guide: Top 15 Romantic Resorts
Love is in the air… escape to the beautiful Lakes and Mountains for the perfect romantic break for two.
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Top family summer holiday destinations
Insider’s Guide: Top family summer holiday destinations
Children love the Lakes and Mountains, and kids of all ages will adore these stunning destinations.
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Events of the Lakes and Mountains

Festival -cover
Insider’s Guide: 7 unforgettable summer festivals
From fantastic music festivals, to cultural traditions and festivals celebrating food and drink, these festivities are sure to leave an impression.
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Insiders Guide Almatrieb
Insider's Guide: Almabtrieb
This wonderful, traditional festival celebrates the end of the summer when the cows are led down the mountain to the valley and their stables for the winter.
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Easter Land M Cover
Insider’s Guide: Easter in the Lakes and Mountains
Easter is not all about the Easter Bunny and chocolate in these Lakes and Mountains destination.
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Insider's Guide: Our favourite summer events
A country-by-country guide to the cultural, musical, and traditional highlights across the Lakes and Mountains.
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Activities of the Lakes and Mountains

the alhorn
Insider’s Guide: Our top 9 Alpine walks
Breath-taking views and hidden gems, whether you’re an amateur rambler or a seasoned hiker, we have the perfect trail for you.
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Cycling Main
Insider’s Guide: Our most scenic cycling routes
With gentle lakeside pathways and challenging mountain trails, you can go to so many places to cycle in the Lakes and Mountains.
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Spa cover
Insider’s Guide: Best for spas, wellbeing and relaxation
Treat yourself to time exclusively dedicated to you at one of these world-class spas in the heart of the Lakes and Mountains.
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postojna cave

Insider’s Guide: Our favourite summer excursions
These Inghams Lakes and Mountains excursions will leave you with fantastic, unforgettable holiday memories.
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Insider’s Guide: Top 9 things to do in Lake Garda
The largest lake in Italy plays host to absolutely stunning views, incredible gardens and villas, and delicious food.
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Photo -cover
Insider’s Guide: Best photography spots
Pack your camera for these stunningly beautiful scenic spots.
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Spa cover
Insider’s Guide: Great golf courses
Enjoy stunning mountain vistas at these beautiful  courses. Get stuck in the rough to soak up the views!
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E -bike Cover
Insider’s Guide: Where to go cycling on an e-bike
Gentle cycle rides perfect for a relaxing yet active holiday...
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History and Culture

Insider’s Guide: 8 Real life fairytale castles and palaces
These majestic buildings in the Lakes and Mountains display incredible architecture and they have some amazing stories to tell.
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UNESCO World Heritage Sites
Insider's Guide: UNESCO World Heritage Sites
From the iconic to hidden gems: you’ll be surprised at the number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites you can find in the Lakes and Mountains.
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Insiders Guides Old Towns
Insider's Guide: Our favourite historic towns
The Lakes and Mountains boast beautiful, historic towns, cities and villages each offering compelling settings, ripe for exploring and serious sightseeing.
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Insiders Guides Music
Insider's Guide: Music of the Lakes and Mountains
The lakes and mountains have inspired artists throughout history. Here are some of the defining sounds we love to listen too.
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Food and Drink

 0005 Cover Photo
Insider’s Guide: 7 irresistible wine tours to tantalise those taste buds
Why not take some time to visit some wineries and vineyards during your visit to the lakes and mountains this summer?
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Insider's guide: Restaurants with amazing views
Inghams Lakes and Mountains offer so much more than walking and hiking. Here is our guide to the best place to eat the most delicious food whilst enjoying the most scintillating views.
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Verona Ice Cream Cover

Insider’s Guide: Our favourite ice creams
It’s a classic holiday snack and the perfect reward for a day spent hiking or sightseeing.
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Insider’s Guide: Our favourite cakes of the lakes
We reckon resting in a café with a piece of cake and a cup of coffee is one of life’s absolute pleasures.
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Natural World

Insiders Guides Fauna

Insider’s Guide: Fauna of the Lakes and Mountains
From the cute and the cuddly to ferocious predators, keep an eye out for these incredible animals during your holiday.
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Insiders Guides Flora

Insider’s Guide: Flora of the Lakes and Mountains
You may be surprised at the variety of unique plant life that can be found in the gorgeous environments of the lakes and mountains.
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Gardens -cover

Insider’s Guide: 5 Glorious Gardens
We take a look at all things bright and beautiful! Immerse yourself in the colours and fragrances of some of the most impressive gardens.
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