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Our FAQs are a helpful guide to many questions our customers ask. Due to the nature of the Travel Industry and the speed things can change, sometimes we are unable to update our FAQs as quickly as we would like. However we will endeavour to update the information as / if it changes. Details and information on this page do not form part of our terms and conditions and we will not be bound by information which is provided on this page on a good will basis.

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Paying for your holiday

  • How much deposit do I have to pay for an Inghams holiday?
  • The deposit amount you pay for your holiday is £150 per person.

  • What payment methods do you accept?
  • Credit Cards

    We accept payment using the following cards - MasterCard and Visa debit & credit cards.

    We accept electronic transfers into our Barclays bank account (a/c number - 9311 7413 and sort code 20-65-82 under the name Hotelplan Ltd Client A/C), but please ensure that your booking reference is clearly stated in the payment reference field.

    We also accept cheque payments made payable to Hotelplan Ltd, but please note your booking reference on the reverse of the cheque so we can apply the payment to the correct booking.

    In addition, to avoid guests inadvertently paying late and potentially incurring late payment fees, we offer a service where the remainder of your holiday balance is automatically debited from the payment card initially used should you choose to accept this. Please note that Inghams do not store your card details. These card details are retained by a separate financial company, regulated by the Financial Services Authority who ensure stringent data protection controls are in place. Please call our Credit Control team on 01483 79 11 66 if you have any other payment queries.

  • Is there a charge for using a credit card?
  • All credit cards incur a handling fee of 1.5%. NB: If payment is being made after 13th January 2018, no card handling fees will apply. We are pleased to remind you that debit card, cheque payments or electronic transfers will not incur any charge. Please note that when paying by credit card, the company name 'Hotelplan CC Services GmbH' in Germany will appear on your credit card statement.

  • How do I pay for my holiday?
  • A payment will be required at the end of the booking process. If you are booking a holiday more than 10 weeks prior to travel, you will only pay a deposit of £150 per person to confirm the booking while the full balance will be due 10 weeks before departure. If you are booking within 10 weeks of your holiday departure date, full payment is required at the time of booking.

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Booking your holiday

  • What do your holiday prices include?
  • The majority of our holidays are packages and include: transportation, accommodation and transfers to/from resort. You should check carefully that the holiday you intend to book includes the items you want. If you book online, a breakdown of what is included is displayed when booking online and you will be advised of what your holiday includes when you book over the phone. If, when you book, you are not given a flight option, no flights or transfers will be included. Your invoice will only outline what is included, not detail what is not included.

  • What meals are included in the price of my holiday?
  • Your holiday will be based on one of the following board basis for your meals

    Room Only / Self-Catering - No meals will be included in the price of your holiday.

    Bed and Breakfast - Breakfast only will be included in the price of your holiday.

    Catered Chalet - Daily buffet breakfast, afternoon tea/coffee & cake, 4 or 5 course evening meals (6 nights a week) with an apéritif, choice of complimentary quality wines, tea/coffee & chocolates.

    Half Board - Your breakfast and evening meal will be included in the price of your holiday. In some cases you can choose to have lunch instead of dinner but the hotel will confirm this upon your arrival.

    Half Board Plus - Enhanced meal arrangements, with breakfast, packed lunch, afternoon tea, and dinner with wine included.

    Full Board - Your breakfast, lunch and evening meal will be included in the price of your holiday.

    Some of our hotels may also offer an "All-Inclusive" package exclusive to the Inghams' Programme. There is no universal definition of "all-inclusive" so it is important that you check over all the details that are included before booking this type of service.

  • Flights: Can I add extra luggage to my booking?
  • You will need to contact the airline with regards to extra baggage as we are unable to add this to your booking.

  • Flights: Can I book my specific seat numbers?
  • No, but on selected charter flights you can guarantee you will be seated together. Some schedule and low cost airlines allow you to select seats, please contact us on 01483 79 11 22 or contact your travel agent for more information.

  • Flights: How can I book extra legroom flights?
  • We are unable to book extra legroom flights, but this is generally available at check-in.

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Special assistance and requirements

  • How do I tell you about a medical condition or requiring special assistance?
  • If you have a disability or medical condition or any special assistance either for the flight or accommodation then please call our Tailor Made team on 01483 791 111 before you book your holiday.

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  • Will the price of the holiday I’ve already booked with Inghams be impacted?
  • Absolutely not!  We cast-iron guarantee absolutely no currency, fuel or other surcharges. No ‘ifs or buts’ - we will not increase holiday prices once you have booked and confirmed your holiday and paid your deposit

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Amending your holiday

  • I may need to change my holiday, how do I do this?
  • If you have a question regarding the holiday you have booked, please contact our Administration team on 01483 79 11 22 or contact your travel agent.

  • Can I add pre-book able extras to my booking before I travel?
  • It is possible to add extras to your booking up to 7 days prior to travel. Please either call our Administration team on 01483 79 11 22; email or contact your travel agent.

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Cancelling your holiday

  • I need to cancel my holiday, what do I need to do?
  • If you need to cancel your holiday, this will only be accepted in writing, either to ourselves directly, or through your travel agent. We strongly recommend that you obtain proof of posting or send emails with a ‘read receipt’. A cancellation invoice will be sent to you within seven days, so please do ensure safe receipt of this. Please note that cancellation charges will be payable up to 10 weeks before departure. Outside of this time frame, loss of deposit will be levied. Please contact our Admin team on 01483 79 11 22 to confirm specific cancellation charges and fees.

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Before you go

  • Documents: When will I receive my tickets or final documentation?
  • 10 days before your holiday you will be sent your holiday documents which are titled ‘Your Travel Itinerary & E-Ticket'. This is the documentation you will need to check in for your holiday (along with your passport and applicable visa, of course). For all Customers, except those travelling to Switzerland or on a Tour, your holiday documents will be sent to you by email (where an email address has been provided). Customers travelling to Switzerland and on Tours will receive documents by post, as Swiss rail tickets will need to be posted to you. Please note these documents will not outline specific room aspects or transfer arrangements, you need to refer to your holiday invoice for these.

  • Documents: I have booked Swiss fly rail luggage. What happens with this?
  • We will need to post these to you (or your Travel Agent) as they are documents issued by the Swiss Rail System and are accountable documents. You can expect to receive these around 10 days before you depart. There will be detailed instructions on how to use the ‘Fly rail luggage labels’ with your documentation.

  • Documents: How will I receive my half price travel card?
  • This is on your transfer ticket ( at the top left ) which doubles as your half price rail card. When you are buying additional journeys you will need to present this to qualify for the applicable discounts.

  • Documents: Will I receive luggage labels?
  • As most of holiday documents are sent electronically we are unable to send out luggage labels, however at airports where we have Inghams representatives luggage labels will be available at the check in desk

  • Documents: When will I receive my resort map?
  • We aim to send this out to you as soon as possible, but this may not be at time of booking or payment of your final balance.

  • Will i be sent my pre-booked vouchers for excursions and ski packs before I depart?
  • You will receive all your pre-booked items when you arrive in resort, in your welcome pack or at your welcome meeting.

  • Advanced Passenger Information: How can I supply my API?
  • Please see below for a list of airlines used by Inghams. Specific details can also be found in the "Transport - Additional Info" box on your attached "Your Travel Itinerary & E-Ticket" document.


    Air Canada enter API on

    Air Transat enter API on

    Austrian Airlines enter API on

    British Airways enter API on my booking

    Easyjet enter API on via the 'Check-in online' link on the right hand side

    Flybe please see letter enclosed with your tickets Jet 2 please see letter enclosed with your tickets

    Monarch Airlines please enter API on

    Swiss Airlines please enter API on

    Thomson Airways please enter API on

    Titan Airways please enter API on

  • What are the baggage allowances at check-in?
  • Luggage allowance varies from airline to airline on both checked and cabin baggage. This is displayed clearly on your travel Itinerary and E-Ticket.

  • I have pre-booked special assistance at the airport. What do I do?
  • You need to make yourself known to the staff at the Check-In desk for your flight. They will then arrange all the necessary assistance needed.

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After Your Return From Holiday

  • I would like to contact you with some feedback on my holiday, who shall I call?
  • You can call our Guest Services team on 01483 79 11 44

  • I would like to book another holiday, what should I do?
  • There are a number of ways to book your holiday, you can contact your travel agent, call one of the team on 01483 79 11 11, order one of our brochures or search for a holiday and book on our website.

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  • Will we surcharge guests who have already booked?
  • On Sunday 11th December a national paper covered a story about another ski tour operator surcharging guests post-booking. 

    Furthermore a trade association was quoted as saying ‘other ski operators’ may follow suit, we wish to confirm our categoric and clear position on this subject. This refers to Hotelplan’s brands which include Esprit, Ski Total and Inghams.

    We will definitely not be surcharging as we guarantee no surcharges.

    Guests can confirm their bookings with our ski brands, safe in the knowledge that we will NOT recontact them to spend more on a confirmed booking.

    We stand full square behind this important message, especially after the market turbulence following the EU referendum. We want to offer our guests surety and confidence. We seek to be trusted, open and honest. We are pleased to be able to do this because our Foreign Exchange (FX) teams in the UK and at our parent company in Zurich are fastidiously working on best rates at all times. We know how important the ‘no surcharges’ message is to skiers attempting to plan holiday budgets.

    We have updated our communications to remind everyone that we do not surcharge, with reassurance messages on our websites.

    Our travel agent partners have also been reassured that we will not surcharge. This has been welcomed with open arms. Award-winning agent Helen Furlong, Personal Travel Agents at Midcounties Co-operative Travel, said: ‘Now that’s worth shouting about.. been talking about it this morning!’

    For press enquiries, please contact Louise Newton on 01483 79 10 49 or email


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