The best coastal regions in Italy to visit this summer

With the weather turning colder and winter growing closer, it’s hard not to cast your mind to somewhere warm, preferably with rolling hills and endless coastline. For us, that sun-soaked paradise is Italy, where the wine’s aplenty, the food’s delectable, and the sights are breathtaking. At Inghams, we pride ourselves on offering summer holidays to

Italy family holidays

A journey through Italy: must-try food and wine

For thousands of years, Italy has perfected its methods of curing meat, making pasta and fermenting grapes to bring us some of the most artistic gastronomical delights in the world. From hand-prepared orecchiette pasta in Puglia to the sumptuous wines of Lake Garda, read on to see what fine delicacies you can uncover across this

The best dishes to try in Italy

Top Five Romantic Destinations in Italy

Country of Love In a country so synonymous with love, it can be hard to decide where to pick for a romantic Italian holiday – from a quiet countryside escape to canals filled with serenading gondoliers, Italy really does have it all. To help you narrow it down, we’ve rounded up our five favourite couples

Padlocks in Italy

Italy: North or South?

It is often said that there is a sharp divide between northern and southern Italy. Northern Italians are hard workers, they drive the economy, live in bigger cities, earn more money, are more organised and reliable. However, they are also dull, their cities are industrial and uninteresting to visit. Southern Italians are fun, friendly, welcoming,

Best Music Festivals in Italy

Fri May 2015 Summer is the season of music festivals! Italy is famous for its music festivals and from north to south there are always plenty of events going on, especially during the summer. Whatever your interests may be, from jazz to folk or classical music, you will surely find something for you. Here are


Italy’s Most Awe-Inspiring Food Markets

Fri Aug 2015 Italy is a top destination for foodies and it would be a deadly sin not to visit a local food market while there on holiday. From north to south, we have selected our three favourite mercati; the ones which promise to engage all 5 of your senses: sight, sound, touch, smell and taste!Mercato


Eurochocolate Festival 2015: #MustaChoc

Fri Oct 2015 For all chocolate lovers, the pretty medieval town of Perugia will be hosting the 22nd edition ofEurochocolate from 16 to 25 October and this year’s theme is… wait for it… the moustache?! Yes, I kid you not, the jury will choose a winner among participants in a competition for the most stylish chocolate

Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate