Walking up Mount Skåla

Mount Skåla is the highest mountain in the Loen area. The peak reaches 1,848 meters above sea level, and you can walk to the very top. On the hiking difficulty scale, the route is marked as a black hike, making it one of the most challenging trails in the region. The walk starts approximately 1-km

Culinary highlights of Bergen

When you walk around the harbour in Bergen, the most prominent smell is that of freshly cooked fish. In tune with its rich heritage and beautiful location, this city has some fabulous dining opportunities. Based mostly on recommendations by Ingham’s guests, and some personal experiences, here are my culinary highlights of Bergen. Bryggenloftet & Stuene

Music in Bergen city

For centuries, Bergen has been the home to renowned musicians, most notably the world famous composer Edvard Grieg (1843-1907) and exquisite violinist and composer Ole Bull (1810-1880). In the present day, Bergen embraces all aspects of its rich musical history and music still flows through the cobbled streets, delighting the ears of locals and visitors.

The glaciers of Loen, Norway

Once you reach Loen, you must visit the Briksdal glacier. Dream World Cruise Destinations magazine voted this natural wonder as one of the best attractions in the world. It is only 28km away from Loen and it has attracted swathes of tourists for over 100-years. The Briksdal glacier is an arm of the Jostedalsbreen, which

Via ferrata in Loen, Norway – A once in a lifetime experience

Between the mountains of Norway is a small village called Loen, where you will discover a variety of exciting activities. Today, I tried one of them. Hikers and climbers from all over the world visit Loen to try via ferrata. It’s a challenging pastime, yet it’s available to everyone from the ages of 12 to

Bergen: ‘Gateway to the Fjords’

Cruise boats churn water in the harbour, freshly caught fish fill the famous markets, feet rustle across cobbled streets, the early morning sun warms your face. These are all signals that this sleeping giant has awoken from its long, dark winter slumber. Bergen is ready for summer, awaiting to greet with you its refined charm