Refreshing Italian Salads

Tue Apr 2015 When the weather gets warmer, many Italians choose a colourful mixed salad for their lunch. Not just some boring green leaves, but a colourful feast of sometimes unexpected ingredients. We highly recommend you try this crunchy mixed salad in which orange carrots and red tomatoes add a vibrant touch of colour to the


Fri Aug 2015 In southern Italy they have a secret to help you survive after a large meal: it’s called limoncello. This bright yellow liquor is made from juicy lemons, giving it a delicious refreshing taste. A welcome ‘digestivo’ if you’ve already made it through the traditional Italian structure of Aperitivo, Antipasto, Primo, Second, Contorno,

Top 10 things to do in Tuscany

Fri Feb 2017Time spent exploring the vast cultural offerings of Tuscany will be time well spent. The region is known for its breath-taking views and incredible scenery, as well as collections of art and sculpture housed in the many museums and religious buildings. This list of ten things to do in Tuscany include world-renowned galleries


Live like a local: A guide to Italian wines.

Jun 2015 Italy is blessed with a climate which nurtures exceptional vineyards and as well as a history which sings of delicious wine-making throughout each of its 20 regions. The trend of wine-drinking conquered the UK a while ago, it is widely believed, along with the Romans. By the Middle Ages, we were experimenting with

October City Breaks – Florence

Fri Sep 2014 October is a perfect month for a relaxing and pleasant city break in Florence. In autumn you can visit the city’s attractions with lesser crowds, so we bet that you would enjoy your stay even more! Forget the often unbearable heat of Italian summer and enjoy long and uplifting strolls in Florence!

October City Breaks – Verona

Fri Sep 2014 Verona is one of the world’s top romantic destinations, being the setting of Shakespeare’s tragedy Romeo and Juliet. Juliet’s house in via Capello, with the famous balcony, is the favourite destination of tourists visiting Verona in summer or around Valentine’s Day. Also during the summer, the famous music festival at the Verona


Inghams Italy Cookbook – Tuscan sausage and rosemary ragu

Tue Dec 2014 Tuscan sausage and rosemary ragù This is an anglicized version of a Tuscan pasta recipe I learnt on a recent trip to Tuscany. It is quite different to the sausage and rosemary pasta I ate near Colle di Val d’Esta. There, extra virgin olive oil was warmed and infused with fresh rosemary,

Spritz & Cicchetti In Venice

  Let’s face it, everybody knows that a glass of wine ordered at one of the cafés on San Marco square can be a little bit pricey and on occasion, perhaps dare we say it, a little bit of a rip-off. Venice, much like London, Barcelona and the like, is famed to be an expensive