A history of Levi (and why cross country is the new downhill…)

Lapland is a region which spans across Norway, Sweden, Finland and into North Western parts of Russia. Finland is often spoken about as a Scandinavian country and although it has similar landscapes and political stances to its Western and Southern neighbours, it is not in fact a part of Scandinavia. A more correct term for

Reindeer Safari: Taking The Reins

There is no more traditional way to get around Lapland than in a sleigh driven by reindeer and it will likely come as no surprise that this is by far my favourite excursion! Whilst it’s only a short bus journey to our reindeer farm you really do feel a million miles away from Levi, out

Island & Fjord Adventure

Island & Fjord Adventure I’ve recently returned from the beautiful fishing town that is Harstad in Troms county, Northern Norway! As an Inghams representative I was fortunate enough to travel to this little known municipality to experience everything that we offer here above the arctic circle… Day 1 On arrival it was clear that both hotels

Join Lyn in Lapland for the start of something wonderful…

Imagine yourself gliding through the snow, skis bonded firmly to your feet and snowflakes flying wistfully through the air. Skiing is the same for all of us. Though perhaps ‘us’ encapsulates the brave, the dedicated, and at times, the outright loopy. Freezing temperatures, treacherous terrain and the penchant for a cheeky tipple before the final

Ask The Experts: Skiing in Levi

Early last December I was lucky enough to spend a few days in Levi in Finland, or as it’s more commonly known, Lapland. I was looking forward to visiting a new country, experiencing a different culture and of course meeting Santa! But, most of all, since it had been a good eight or nine months

Ask The Experts: A Night To Remember

Last December I visited the town of Levi and just like many of our guests, I was desperate to see the Northern Lights during my trip. The thing is, no matter how much you want to see them, they aren’t always out to play, and when they are, the conditions have to be just right!

Ask The Experts: Snowmobiling

Lapland has to be one of my favourite places to visit! It’s magical and breathtakingly beautiful, so much so, that it really doesn’t feel real. It may sound corny, but it really does need to seen to be believed, and one of the best ways to experience this vast landscape, is by snowmobile! On my

Ask The Experts: Husky & Reindeer Safari

For children and adults alike, a trip to Lapland isn’t complete without getting up-close and personal with the native wildlife; and on my trip in December I did just that with our combined Husky & Reindeer Safari!! This compact excursion allows you to visit two neighbouring farms roughly 30 minutes outside of Levi town. Both