Top things to do in Lapland (including meeting Santa!)

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Lapland Holidays Cabins

From husky sledding and reindeer safaris, to snowmobiling and skiing, Lapland is home to some of the most spellbinding experiences in Scandinavia. With snow-covered forests and rolling hillsides as your backdrop, whether you’re visiting on a family ski holiday or looking to get away on a magical family adventure, visiting Lapland is sure to open your eyes to the beauty and splendour of this stunning subarctic paradise.

So if you’re looking at Lapland holidays, read on to find out the top activities and experiences to be had in this phenomenal winter wonderland. And for a limited time only, customers of Inghams will have the chance to experience three great land excursions for the price of two!

Husky Sledding in Lapland

Husky sledding

For a traditional Lapland experience, husky sledding can’t be missed! Speed through the subarctic wilderness led by excitable huskies eager to race through the snow. Take in the fantastic, glistening, white trees and foliage around you while feeling the chill of the crisp air as you snake along the snow-covered paths.

At Inghams, we offer a range of husky sledding experiences to suit a range of ages and fitness levels. Short safaris are the most popular, however we also offer longer half-day trips and even an evening husky safari where you’ll also get to chase the Northern Lights.

Skiing on a Lapland Holiday


With three magical yet contrasting resorts to choose from, skiing in Lapland with Inghams offers the chance to explore this winter utopia while racing along slopes deep inside the Arctic Circle.

Our top ski resorts include Levi, Ylläs and Saariselkä. Each of these fantastic resorts is distinctly different from the last, however we can guarantee you’ll be taken aback by the breathtaking wilderness all around you.


If you’re looking for snow-sure, uncrowded skiing, Levi is the perfect resort to head out on the slopes in the pristine, snow-sculpted forests. Our most popular Lapland resort, here you’ll be able to choose from an impressive range of accommodation complemented by superb restaurants and cosy bars set amongst outstanding natural beauty.


Comprised of two Lappish villages, our Ylläs resort has everything you need for an unforgettable Lapland ski holiday: untouched snowscapes, the longest ski slopes in Finland, a fantastic network of cross-country trails and a variety of accommodation to choose from. The skies in Ylläs are often beautifully clear, perfect for seeing the magical Northern Lights.


In North Lapland, you’ll find Saariselkä, a welcoming resort with a strong Sámi heritage, with many Sámi people working in the resort that have reindeer herds in nearby forests.

Cross-country ski trails are aplenty here, with many in the adjoining National Park. Deep pink and purple skies overhead will make you feel like you’re in a dreamworld, with cosy cafes and bars with live music adding to the resort’s charm and appeal.

Reindeer Safari in Lapland

Reindeer safari

Lapland’s most famous animal, reindeer are gentle creatures at the centre of Sámi culture. With Inghams, you’ll get to visit a traditional reindeer farm before heading out on a fantastic reindeer safari adventure.

While meeting the reindeer, you’ll also get to hear some amazing stories and facts from the Sámi hosts including the secret to suopunkki, the traditional Sámi art of lassoing. After the visit to the farm, you’ll get to ride in a reindeer sleigh through the snowy wilderness, taking in all of the stunning landscape all around you.

Visiting Santa at SantaPark Lapland

Visit Santa at SantaPark

No visit to Lapland is complete without meeting Santa! Deep in the magical snowy forest, you’ll find Santa’s grotto full of fun activities and the chance to meet the big guy himself.

After following elves along a candlelit path leading to the secret location in the lush green woodland,  you’ll be able to pet Santa’s reindeer, learn how Elf Smith sends presents all over the world, before crossing the bridge over Gold Greek to meet Santa and enjoy a hot drink and biscuits.

Snowmobiling on a Lapland Holiday

Snowmobile Safari

Speed through frosty forestscapes on an exhilarating snowmobile adventure. From deep pine forests, fells and moorland to far-reaching frozen lakes, you’ll find dramatic scenery around every corner on an unforgettable snowmobile experience. Whether you decide to go during the day or evening, you’re sure to be dazzled by Lapland’s stunning natural beauty.

Kitted out in thermals, you’ll cover 25km of glacial landscapes on an easy-to-drive snowmobile, stopping for a quick break halfway through to take in the crisp white wilderness around you.

Northern Lights over Lapland Cabins

See the Northern Lights

For many people, seeing the Northern Lights is a bucket list dream. This incredible natural light show dances to its own rhythm – there’s no telling if and when these lights will appear – but if you’re lucky, you’ll get to glimpse these purple, green and blue flashes in the sky on a land excursion or while staying in our viewing-ready accommodation.

Muotka Wilderness Lodge

Warmth and relaxation await at Muotka Wilderness Lodge. Located just 15km away from Saariselkä, this secluded Lodge sits on the edge of Urho-Kekkonen National Park. The idyllic location offers minimal light pollution allowing a higher chance for catching the Northern Lights, right on the Lodge’s doorstep.

Glass Igloo & Aurora Cabin Excursion

Imagine going to sleep in a toasty glass igloo watching the Northern Lights twirling in the dark sky above you – that’s exactly what we offer on our fantastic Northern Lights glass igloo excursions.

Our glass igloos and glass-roof cabins are made with a special thermal glass that keeps the warmth in and the freezing cold temperatures out. Wake up to gorgeous views of white snow all around you while the sun peeks through the trees. A stay like this is nothing short of a heavenly.

Äkäs Hotel and guided walk

Book into the Äkäs Hotel in Ylläs, and join us on an unforgettable Northern Lights Walk and Talk excursion. Walk out onto the frozen lake and hear some fascinating stories and legends about the Northern Lights told by your guide while searching for them in the skies above.

So, whether you want to let your little ones meet Santa or ride around the Lappish wilderness on an exhilarating snowmobile trip, with Inghams, you’re guaranteed to have an amazing and unforgettable holiday to Lapland. Immersing yourself in the region’s culture and delighting in the vast outdoor adventures available.