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We run four guided walks every week in Mayrhofen. Our walks are suitable for all abilities, from keen ramblers to first time hikers. Our eclectic programme makes for an exciting week in the Alps and is ideal for adventurous walkers.

We start the week, on Sunday, with a short hike to the Zimmereben hut, nestled 200m above the town of Mayrhofen. This walk is a perfect way to stretch the legs in preparation for a week of walking in the mountains. As we climb, unique views of Mayrhofen and the surrounding area will reveal themselves. At the top the charismatic owner of the hut, Hans, provides a warm welcome. There is a chance to buy coffee, cake and even homemade schnapps while you take in the stunning views.

On Monday we take it easy with our Ziller Wonder Walk. After taking the train to the regional museum (a 10-minute ride away), we explore the 1700s farmhouse and learn the history of how the local people used to live-in and work the land. Then begins our walk back to Mayrhofen, stopping at various points of interest along the way. We visit the beautiful church in Hippach, and the horse stables in Schwendau, where you can feed pigs, goats and rabbits. This walk is suitable for anyone and only takes a few hours.

Wednesday is your chance to see one of Mayrhofen’s hidden gem as we take you to the privately owned and secluded Stillup Valley. Glaciers formed this U-shaped valley 11,000 years ago and it is rich with wild flowers, wildlife, waterfalls and breathtaking views. This really is a must visit area for anyone travelling to Mayrhofen.

Our walk through the Stillup Valley is our most accessible. Guests of all abilities can join us as we walk down from the Grünewald Hütte. Strolling through the valley we take our time to appreciate the natural beauty. The scenery is perfect for any budding photographers. We break in the middle for coffee and cake accompanied by panoramic, waterfall views. This is certainly one of the highlights of our week.

Finally, our Friday hike takes us to the iconic Berlinerhütte, arguably the oldest and grandest huts in the Alps. We ascend to 2,057-meters where three receding glaciers surround the hut. As we walk, the landscapes changes dramatically. We begin walking through meadows filled with the sound of cowbells, goats and marmots. The footpaths are lined with alpine flowers and plenty of butterflies.

Higher up, we trek through a stunning gorge. If you know where to look (and luckily I do), here is a fantastic location to see rare, wild edelweiss. There are plenty of stops en route, and thousands of picture opportunities, making this is the perfect way to end your week walking in the mountains.

We’re really proud of our diverse and exciting walking program in Mayrhofen. We can’t wait for you to join us in Mayrhofen this August or September and to explore the amazing natural beauty that surrounds us. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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