Walking in Mayrhofen

Posted on June 27, 2017 in Austria Lakes & Mountains by Ashleigh Franks in Mayrhofen Tags:

It is little over a month since we began our summer in Mayrhofen. In this time, our walking program has been growing and growing. And our guests love the full week of exciting excursions and events we provide.

I have learnt so much about the area since I started here. Now we know the names of the flowers we see on our Stillup walk. We know where to buy the best cake (I highly recommend Café Hakker on our Achensee trip), and I’ve even been picking up some of the local language.

With so many walks to choose from, it has been fantastic to hear the feedback from our guests. The overall favorite seems to be the Stillup walk along the reservoir. I hear so much praise for this stunning walk. It’s perfect for everyone – I even helped a lovely lady in a wheelchair through the valley so she could see the spectacular views!  We are very pleased with how popular this walk has been and we look forward to more of our guests joining us on this journey.

The recent opening of the regional museum has meant an additional trip on our itinerary. We walk to the museum and back via the Zillertal promenade. The fresh air filling our lungs and the view of this beautiful blue river make this walk especially spectacular. The regional museum itself is filled with all manner of tools from the 1700s.  You will also find an old chapel, fountain and a burning hut here. It truly is a trip into the history of the Zillertal region.

One of our newest walks is to the very historic Berliner Hut. This historic building is arguably the oldest hut in the whole of Austria! This walk is quickly becoming popular with our guests and it’s unsurprising; the views on this walk will take your breath away!  The altitude of the Berliner Hut (2042m) makes it an excellent location to spot rare alpine flowers.

We continue to explore the area, discovering more walks that fit perfectly into our walking program. You definitely won’t be bored when you join us in Mayrhofen. You return home full of knowledge, and with a camera full of stunning landscape photographs.

We look forward to welcoming you here!

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