5 Most exciting ski and snowboard events this January

Christmas and the New Year is over, everyone’s back at work, and everything is back to normal. There’s nothing left to look forward to or get excited about, right? Wrong! There are a ton of exciting ski and snowboard events taking place across the mountains this January, from some of the world’s most challenging sporting

Andorra for Ski?!

The first thing nearly everyone said to me when I said I was spending the winter in Andorra was, ‘Where’s that?!’ When compared to the powerhouse resorts in France and Austria, the tiny Principality of Andorra (nestled in between France and Spain by the way!) is relatively unknown. Yet thousands of British skiers DO flock

First Tracks In Zermatt

It’s 7:30am and the lift station is empty except for the rest of our group and the guide – just six of us in total. Then, there’s a gentle hum in the background as the lifts start to move… The Zermatt lifts don’t open until 8:30am most days but today we signed up for the

The World Ski and Snowboard Festival 2014

Our Resort Manager, Ricky Cull, out in Whistler reports back about all the exciting events of the festival: The World Ski and Snowboard Festival is the biggest gathering of arts, music, sport and culture in North America. Due to my very fortunate position of living and working in Whistler I was lucky enough to experience