Is there anywhere more magical than Lapland?

There is nothing more magical than a trip to Lapland, and a chance to meet the big man himself. As a child I was fascinated with Santa and everything that surrounded him.  In fact, I didn’t really stopped believing in him till I was 11.  Santa was a legend.  What kind of person nips into

Andorra for Ski?!

The first thing nearly everyone said to me when I said I was spending the winter in Andorra was, ‘Where’s that?!’ When compared to the powerhouse resorts in France and Austria, the tiny Principality of Andorra (nestled in between France and Spain by the way!) is relatively unknown. Yet thousands of British skiers DO flock

Snowshoeing: a walk in the park

“I have some free spaces for snowshoeing on Friday evening, would you and Charlotte like to go?”, asked Davina from Ski Connections one sunny day in Serre Chevalier. I had memories of snowshoeing during my winter season in Finnish Lapland two winters ago and all I could remember was trekking over fells in knee-deep powder

Frozen Landscapes: Photographing Finnish Lapland

Just like everyone else, ahead of my arrival in to Lapland I was so HUGELY excited to come to Lapland to experience all of the unmissable activities, that is, the reindeer sleigh rides, husky sleds, snowmobiling and of course, working alongside the real Santa!! The last thing I was thinking about before departure was bringing a decent camera as

Muotka Wilderness Lodge

Outside, icicles hang from a roof laden in deep snow, while fir trees sculptured by ice, stand like frozen sentinels under a crisp night sky. Inside everything is warm, cosy and relaxed. A log fire roars, and a golden glow from glass-roofed cabins is discernible in the distance. This is the Muotka Wilderness Lodge, located

Christmas Season in Alpbach, Austria

The Christmas season begins in Austria on a Sunday four weeks before Christmas Eve when decorated wreaths with four candles are placed in peoples’ homes. Each Sunday leading up to Christmas Eve a candle is lit. Many towns and villages have advent celebrations during this time and in the historical setting of Austrias’ smallest town,

New Year in Alpbach, Austria

New Years Eve  is celebrated throughout the world but ‘Sylvester’, the day of the Feast of Pope Sylvester I, coincides with this and makes it a doubly exciting time to be in Austria! As you may expect, each town or village has their own way of celebrating these momentous occasions and in Alpbach, after a day on

The Top Five Restaurants In Chamonix

At the base of Mont Blanc and bordering France, Switzerland and Italy, Chamonix is highly revered as a mecca for mountain sports throughout the year. With all of that exertion however, it’s even more important that the food is truly top notch. With that in mind, we’ve compiled our top 5 restaurants in Chamonix. From