Filzmoos’ Dachstein Glacier

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We’re lucky in Filzmoos to have one of Austria’s most iconic mountains right on our doorstep. Off to the east, above the village of Ramsau am Dachstein (which you can get to via the Filzmoos Wonderbus) we have the 2995 meter high Hoher Dachstein mountain range with the Gosau Glacier tucked away within the mountains. Along the Dachstein mountains there are 3 Austrian state borders; Land Salzburg, Steiermark and Oberösterreich, with Filzmoos sitting almost on the tri-boarder of the three though officially, it sits in Land Salzburg.

The Dachstein Mountains offer fantastic panoramic views across the landscape and as a popular place to visit, there are a number of attractions on offer for those who make the journey up to the top. Standing at almost 3000 meters, the Dachstein is one of those few coveted areas which can provide skiable conditions throughout the year. With the added bonus of these long summer days, the lifts are also open longer now than they would do in the winter! All summer, lifts are open between 7:50 am until 17:10 pm!

Aside from summer skiing, the Dachstein Mountains also have their very own ice palace! (I thought I would have to do a winter season in Lapland to see one of those!) The palace is only three minutes away from the top of the Dachstein cable car station and again, is open throughout the year. Deep within the heart of the Gosau Glacier and scultped entirely from glacial ice, this is truly remarkable to see and it boggles the mind how people are able to create such magnificent pieces of artwork from ice.

Having explored the icy palace, the next place to visit is the famous ‘Sky Walk’ platform that hangs out over the edge of the mountain. Often referred to as the most spectacular viewing platform in the Alps, it really is easy to see why. With a 250 m drop below and only a sturdy glass floor keeping you from falling to your doom, it certainly tests your nerves! But the feeling of being ‘Unbound’ and almost flying, while looking over the fantastic Austrian mountain range is enough for people to pluck up the courage time and again, to step right up to the edge.

Most people who visit Filzmoos will take a trip to the Dachstein Mountains at least once during their visit and there are high altitude walking paths up to the Glacier from Filzmoos for those experienced hikers. For others who are not so confident over rough terrain, there are buses to take you over to the cable car station in Ramsau am Dachstein.

I’m happy to give you all more specific advice and recommendations once you are here in resort!

Words by Jack Collins, Resort Representative in Filzmoos.