A personal view of Mayrhofen in the summer

Posted on June 7, 2017 in Austria Inghams Lakes & Mountains by Ashleigh Franks in Mayrhofen Tags:

So my summer adventure has started. After enjoying an amazing winter in Mayrhofen, with snow-covered mountains and skiing daily, I was keen to see what summer could offer. I have not been disappointed! Arriving back in Mayrhofen I automatically felt at home. This little town really is beautiful year-round. Since the snow has melted, I can see more of its charm, natural beauty and historical architecture.

Mayrhofen is situated at the end of the Zillertal Valley and I find myself completely surrounded by mountains. Yet, the area does not feel isolating. I can see stunning views right down the valley and the short transfer to Innsbruck means I’m never far from city life.

Whilst walking in the mountains I’m greeted by the friendly locals, especially when stopping in a mountain hut for a schnapps! As there are only around 3000 people living here, it hasn’t taken long for me to be recognized and the lovely locals will happily stop for a chat. They are always keen to give advice on a new walking route I’ve yet to explore!

Nature is everywhere in Mayrhofen and the surrounding valleys. I have been lucky enough to get up-close and personal with many cows (you can hear their bells for miles), goats, butterflies and fury little marmots. I have taken literally hundreds of photographs, as I don’t want to miss a single moment of the natural beauty on offer here!

We are lucky in Mayrhofen to have the state of the art Penkenbahn which transports visitors to the top of the Penken Mountain in only 8 minutes. The views from here are stunning, from wild alpine flowers to roaming cattle and the dramatic mountain backdrop, it really does astound you.

The iconic red Zillertalbahn (local train) is a fantastic addition to Mayrhofen. It enables visitors to explore the valley and admire the gorgeous buildings in neighbouring towns and villages. I have been particularly fond of visiting the different churches and reading up on the vast history connected to them.

I am excited to see what the rest of summer is going to offer. Guests are now arriving and I am thrilled to show each of them this stunning town! It’s not all play and no work, but in this job I can never complain. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else right now and I am looking forward to meeting people as eager as I am to explore Mayrhofen.