Bardolino Wine Festival 2016

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87th Festa dell’ Uva e Vino – Bardolino Wine Festival 2016


September 29th to October 3rd, 2016 sees the 87th Bardolino Wine Festival take place on Lake Garda, along the lake front promenade of Bardolino.

The festival celebrates the new harvest of the grapes that contribute to the delicious Bardolino wines, which can be drunk alongside the famous food stalls showcasing typical cuisine of the region, such as Risotto, various pasta and sauces, grilled meats and vegetables, along with various antipasti from local farms and vineyards. Our in resort team can’t wait to welcome guests to this exciting event on Lake Garda, here’s what Alison had to say about the upcoming festival:

“An uncomplicated, fresh and fruity local, at ease in the company of light pasta dishes on the harbourside…, perhaps, that is a little cool on first encounter but as the sun slips behind the Punta San Vigilio, it is a local that is as charmingly refreshing as it is elegantly smooth.”

Welcome to the 87th Festa dell’Uva e Vino, Bardolino’s charming annual wine festival, proudly hosted along the lakeside promenade. Lacing the town with bouquets of oak barrelled, award winning Bardolino Superiore, crisp overtones and light blushes of Chiaretto and sparkling freshness of Chiaretto Spumante, Bardolino comes alive with music and dance, local food stalls and wine tasting culminating in an unforgettable fireworks display over the lake.

As the wine harvest begins in the region, take a moments respite to look down at the smiling face of San Zeno on your bottle of Bardolino Classico and spare a thought for the rich heritage that this wine holds. Little did San Zeno, patron saint of fishermen, realise but his 4th century instruction on how best to cultivate the grapes sprawled across the local hills has lead us to this important celebration of the history and quality of Bardolino wine.

Celebrate the peasantry identity of this important festival as vineyard workers and locals amble past in traditional dress atop grape carts. Adorn a trademark pouch for your wine glass and mosey down the wooden stalls to sample each and every one of the world-class wines from the local area complemented perfectly with locally made bread, cheese and cured meats for an authentic tasting experience. Or simply sit back and absorb the familiar ambiance and slow pace of life that draws visitors back to this special event year after year.