Lake Garda – A ‘place of observation’

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Lake Garda
The beautiful, green scenery of Lake Garda.

The 2.6-million-year-old Lake Garda is referred to as a ‘place of observation’. With promenade strolls, mountain top views, scenic drives, and relaxing boat cruises: each angle offers a different perspective of Italy’s largest lake. It’s impossible to engage with a dull landscape whilst in the presence of Lake Garda.

Wherever you are on Lake Garda there are beautiful views. Here: the old railway between Riva and Limone.

At 51.7km in length, the scenery alters vastly between north and south. The southern end of the lake is 17km wide. It often feels like you are staring out into the ocean. The north of Lake Garda couldn’t be more different. Only 4km in width, here the River Sacra spills from the mountains terrains, flowing into the windsurfers paradise of Torbole.

Numerous towns surround the shores of Lake Garda, each with a similar atmosphere, yet all with their own individuality and history. With their cobbled streets and century old ports, these towns reward exploring. However, the true essence of exploration goes beyond the towns that neighbour the edges of the lake.

Take a look up north, in the heart of the mountains…

Turquoise waters of Lake Tenno
The magical appearance of Lake Tenno’s turquoise waters

Seek out turquoise waters of Lake Tenno, one of the hidden delights of the region. At 570 meters above sea level, this blue-lit beauty has a magical presence. The lake’s island is covered with dense, emerald coloured vegetation and the paths around the lakeshore are perfect for admiring the beautiful scenery and the lake’s deep blue waters.

The incredilbe gorges near Lake Tenno
The incredible gorges near Lake Tenno.

Gorges formed from 20,000 years of erosion, hide in the valley just beyond little Lake Tenno, the source that shaped the 100 metre bottleneck gorge we see today. Here, the unique waterfall, Parco Grotta Cascata Varone, has been the interest and admiration of many artists and writers. Explore the pathways built into the layers of the waterfall and you can feel the power and depth of the water, as it sprays your skin.

Lake Ledro, a short drive up the valley from Riva Del Garda, is the baby sister of Lake Garda. The views along with this route are absolutely stunning: pine tree havens, and luscious, green mountainsides.

The exotic pile dwellings of Lake Ledro
The exotic pile dwellings of Lake Ledro.

This irregular shaped lake has a unique history. Archaeological remains of a pile-dwelling community on the Ledro lakeside indicate a pre-historic settlement dating back 4,000 years. After years of unauthorised excavations the village has been extensively restored and now provides an exotic appearance to this tiny corner of Italy.

Lake Garda and the surrounding region is a world of scenery and stunning natural landscapes. It is well worth exploring, as you are sure to appreciate the distinctive views and natural beauty of the region.

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