Salzburg Airports’ Best Kept Secret

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Jack Collins, our representative in Filzmoos this summer tells us all about Salzburg Airports’ best kept secret!

Last Saturday I discovered that I had a couple hours free between transporting my guests to Salzburg airport for their morning departures and my first arrivals on our afternoon Birmingham Flight (which incidentally, was due to land at 15:05). With this in mind, once I had made sure that my welcome packs were prepared and that all of my other airport duties had been taken care of, I took a visit to the legendary ‘Hangar 7’. Now, this is my third season in Filzmoos so I am regularly at Salzburg airport but I have never before had the chance to visit so I seized the moment and took a wonder out of the airport towards the Red Bull hangar.

Once I left the arrivals hall in Terminal 1, it was a mere 15 minute walk to find Hangar 7. Following the main road into Salzburg City (which actually goes under Salzburg Airport’s main run way) I found myself on the other side, opposite the terminal building at the iconic hanger 7 building.

This magnificent structure was much bigger than I had previously thought (From the roof top terrace in terminal 1 you can see the hanger and it doesn’t look very big). Made solely from stainless steel and glass, it is a very impressive structure, but what was inside was even more impressive. The glass hanger houses a huge collection of Red Bull vehicles, artwork, extreme sporting equipment and aviation equipment. Red Bull is an Austrian producer based in Fuschl am see and the energy drink is one of Austria’s biggest exports. Aside from the drinks industry, the company also holds a huge market share promoting and sponsoring extreme sports, high-adrenaline racing and world record attempts; you may be familiar with the Red Bull’s Formula 1 Team, Red Bull AirRace and of course the high altitude free jump by Felix Baumgartner in 2012.  Aside from the exhibitions, Hanger 7 also has a Michelin starred restaurant, interesting called the ‘Ikarus’ on the first floor, which plays host to guest chefs from around the world each year.

So if you find yourself with time to burn at Salzburg airport and are looking for something to do, I would highly recommend visiting Hangar 7. Situated only 15 minutes away from the main terminal and with free entry all year round, it is most definitely worth a visit!

Red Bull Racing RB6 – A world champion winning Formula 1 car

Bo105 – The first light helicopter in the world to be equipped with twin engines.

Alpha Jet – Quick as lightning, manoeuvrable, beautiful. And a natural at aerobatics.


Bell AH-1 Cobra – Is America’s legendary combat helicopter. It will mainly be used by the Flying Bulls in airshows.

Extra 300 L – German made aerobatics aircraft.


Felix Baumgartner crossed the Channel without any form of external drive wearing a carbon fibre wing on July31, 2003.