The Mille Miglia classic car race passes through Lake Garda

The epic car race, the Mille Miglia, passed through Desenzano on Thursday 18 May, bringing the world’s most precious cars to the shores of Lake Garda. The Mille Miglia is an iconic classic car race between Brescia and Rome (and back). It takes place every year and is a genuine spectacle, causing a great deal

Lake Garda – A ‘place of observation’

The 2.6-million-year-old Lake Garda is referred to as a ‘place of observation’. With promenade strolls, mountain top views, scenic drives, and relaxing boat cruises: each angle offers a different perspective of Italy’s largest lake. It’s impossible to engage with a dull landscape whilst in the presence of Lake Garda. At 51.7km in length, the scenery

Lake Garda

Bardolino Wine Festival 2016

87th Festa dell’ Uva e Vino – Bardolino Wine Festival 2016 September 29th to October 3rd, 2016 sees the 87th Bardolino Wine Festival take place on Lake Garda, along the lake front promenade of Bardolino. The festival celebrates the new harvest of the grapes that contribute to the delicious Bardolino wines, which can be drunk

Ida Maria Turri at Malcesine Castle

I have to say that I’m a sucker for a bit of live entertainment but little did I know when I came to the wonderful resort of Garda this year, that I would have the chance to see a concert in a castle each and every week! The Malcesine Concert has been running for years

The Venetians Know Best: The Aperol Spritz

Recently I had the opportunity to visit the fantastic city of Milan. Here I enjoyed a day of gazing at architecture learning about the amazing history and of course I managed to squeeze a little shopping in as well. What I wasn’t expecting however was to find a fantastic bar that specialised in one of

The Floating Piers Of Iseo: Following The Yellow ‘Brick’ Road

This week, team Garda decided to head over to Lake Iseo for the world famous floating piers installation. Initially, it was estimated that 100,000 people would visit the piers during their 16 days on the lake (18th June -3rd July) but when the statistics were released last week, they showed that in the first week

A Day In Milan

Milan is a wonderful city; there are a whole host of attractions not to mention that it houses some of the most impressive structures in Italy, the most famous unquestionably being The Famous Duomo Cathedral. When I tell my Guests that Milan is only a short distance away I am often surprised that it’s not

Why You Should Visit Garda

Why should I visit Garda? Last year, so many people asked me this question.  So this is why I think you should visit Garda! Ultimately, it sits smack bang in the very centre of Lake Garda itself and as such is a fantastic location to both stay and to get out and explore. From Garda