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Following the result of the EU referendum, we have understandably had lots of questions about what impact the vote may have on our holidays.

Here are the most common questions so far, with answers we hope will reassure you.


  • Will the price of the holiday I’ve already booked with Inghams be impacted?
  • Absolutely not!  We cast-iron guarantee absolutely no currency, fuel or other surcharges. No ‘ifs or buts’ - we will not increase holiday prices once you have booked and confirmed your holiday and paid your deposit

  • Will ‘Brexit’ affect the holiday I have booked in any other way?
  • No. Until the UK officially leaves the EU (which it has already been announced won’t be for at least another two years), as ABTA has confirmed, British holidaymakers are just as free to travel between the UK and the EU as they were before the vote. Also, the European Health Insurance Card remains valid, and regulations such as Air Passenger Rights and EU Package Travel Regulations all remain in place.

  • What if I have not yet booked - should I book now to avoid post-Brexit price increases?
  • No-one can be 100% sure how the cost of travel will change over the coming weeks, but all the financial experts predict that sterling will remain weaker against the Euro, Swiss Franc and US Dollar for some time. In due course, this will inevitably push up the operating costs of all holidays and prices will have to rise in line with these changes.

  • When should I buy my foreign exchange for my upcoming trip?
  • Good question! We advise customers not to rush into any decision on this, while the markets remain so highly volatile, but to take advice from your bank or travel agent if you are not travelling until the winter.

  • I’ve been waiting to see what happened in the referendum – have I now missed out on all the best Early Booking Offers?
  • No.  We have every sympathy with those who have needed to ‘wait and see’ over recent months, so we have extended the ‘normal’ end of June deadline for early booking savings. Inghams Ski Preview ‘Early Booking Offers’ have been extended by 3 weeks, and the new deadline is 21 July for these savings of up to £840 per couple.

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