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Skiing in Lapland is a magical experience and is like no other ski destination. Located in the arctic circle, the sun is low and bright and makes the snowy ground sparkle and the frost covered trees seem enchanted.

Reasons to ski in Lapland:

  • The slopes are well groomed, quiet and wide
  • Picturesque views of the frozen tundra 
  • Enjoy sunset and sunrise skiing
  • Night-time skiing during the shorter days
  • Often the lifts are open longer hours thanks to LED automated lighting
  • Good value lift passes, ski equipment and tuition
  • Great for beginners
  • Family friendly 
  • Levi uses 100% renewable electricity to power the slopes
  • Ylläs ski resort runs on fully carbon dioxide-free energy
  • Ski season starts in November

Cross-Country Skiing

What is cross-country skiing: 

  • Cross-country skiing is a form of skiing where skiers rely on their own locomotion to move across snow-covered terrain.

Reasons to try cross country skiing: 

  • Peaceful way to take in your surroundings as you go at your own pace.
  • No queuing and having to wait for lifts.
  • Great work-out, build your core-strength.
  • More comfortable than ski boots, cross country boots are only ankle high and soft.
  • It's easy to learn - the equipment is lightweight and easy to use / work out. 


Ski & Cross-country packages: 

Ski packs – with lessons, tuition and equipment.

Winter Activity




Ski taster 90 minutes

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Learn to ski 3 day pass


Learn to ski 5 day pass

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Ski saver 3 day pass

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Cross country taster 90 minutes

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*Please note ski-packages may differ depending if you are on a Lapland or Santa Breaks holiday.

Skiing Holidays in Lapland:


Skiing in Ylläs

Beginners: Uncrowded and well groomed slopes. Offers small classes and friendly English speaking instructors.

Intermediate: Wide, flattering runs and usually no lift queues.

Advanced: Limited challenges however some good off-piste snow conditions.

Snowboarding: 2 floodlit snow parks with jumps, a super-pipe and boarder-cross course.

Cross-country: Good for all ability levels -330kms of trails, 38km lit.

Yllas ski holidays

Skiing in Levi

Beginner: Uncrowded slopes, small classes and friendly English speaking instructors.

Intermediate: Vast runs and no queuing for the lifts.

Advanced: Good off-piste snow conditions and 'Levi's World Cup gondola'.

Snowboarding: Special "snowboard alley" and halfpipe.

Cross-country in Levi Ideal for all ability levels - 230kms of prepared trails and 28kms of these are floodlit.  

Levi ski holidays

Skiing in Saariselka

Beginner: Plenty of easy slopes and friendly English speaking instructors.

Intermediate: This compact ski area offers uncrowded pistes with hardly any queues.

Advanced: One popular and tough black run but needs to the right time in the season.

Snowboarding: Two free style parks.

Cross-country: Mile after mile of well-marked trails -230kms of prepared trails, manty lit.

Saariselka ski holidays


How to book your Ski & Cross-country package: 

You can add excursions to your holiday package via your 'My Booking' portal or you can speak to a member of our UK based team on 01483 791 111.

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