Top 5 Pistes in Val d’Isère

Whether you are a seasoned skier at Val d'Isere or it's your first time hitting the slopes at this resort - either way, it's good to know where the best runs are local to the resort and what runs match you skiing ability. 

We spoke to one of our in resort Managers; Ali, who not only knows the area well but is also an avid skier and she gave us her knowledge of the ski area. We asked her what she classed as her top 5 of the Val d’Isère pistes.


La Fornet – Mangard

La Fornet – Mangard is a blue run that is great for all the family. Half-way along the wonderful descent is a great restaurant. It is a wonderful ski run, with stunning views and tree-lined sections, that is brilliant for the final few runs of a long day’s skiing as well as for families. Top tip from Ali? Hit the final straight as fast as you can for sheer exhilaration.


La Fornet – Off-Piste

Staying in this magnificent ski area, there is some tremendous off-piste skiing to be had. Ali recommends taking the Cascade lift and then heading to the right, as you look at the piste map. Ski down the fresh powder to the drag life to be taken back to the main piste. 



Best for experiences – if you’re more into getting an experience from your skiing, then you would be best heading to Leissières, a lovely blue run. It has a double lift and summits for your pleasure, making it a great place for photos and panoramic views. You can ski back to La Fornet or, if you prefer, right back down to the centre of the resort.


La Face (No. 7)

Infamous across the world, this run is best taken between 12-2pm. Too early, and it’ll be a little icy, too late and you’ll hit the moguls; your knees won’t be thanking you the next morning. To get there, simply get to the top of the Rocher de Bellevarde, ski under the l’Olympique lift and head back towards the resort’s centre.



Take the l’Olympique lift to the top of Rocher de Bellevarde, as you come off it, head to your 2 o’clock, past the information point. It has quite a steep start, but don’t be put off. It’s great fun with lots of entertainment on the way down. Because of its proximity to several Blue and Green runs, it will feel quieter. The run itself follows the contours of the mountain down to the base of the Funival, which you can take back to the top of the Rocher de Bellevarde before repeating, or heading elsewhere. Ali’s top tip? Around half-way down the first stretch of the run, there’s a hut on the left-hand side. Take the turn off to the left, and you can head over to Tignes. It’s much more enjoyable and less busy than taking the blue or green runs straight out of the funicular which are marked “Tignes”.

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