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Inghams has partnered with MPI Brokers to offer great travel insurance cover for UK residents.

MPI Brokers are experts in arranging travel insurance for residents of the UK and Republic of Ireland, whether you’re intended for a week of lying on the beach, or, of course, bound for a trip to the mountains to get your snow fix!

  • Free Insurance for children under a family policy*

  • Lapland reduced rates

It is a condition of booking with us that you and your party take out suitable Travel Insurance from a reputable provider.

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to our House Insurance provider MPI Brokers, who we have worked with for many years. Their policy satisfies our booking conditions and for the avoidance of doubt, we do not accept any costs, expenses or liability due to your failure to obtain proper insurance

Winter sports travel insurance can be a bit head scratching at the best of times, and if you’re new to skiing and snowboarding and want to know the inside scoop to purchasing the right kind of insurance, then we suggest that you read our guide: Ski Travel Insurance: Explained.


At MPI Brokers, we are constantly upgrading our ski policies to meet the requirements of today’s ski and snowboarder needs.

Below you will find some key features of MPI Brokers policies:-

  • On and off piste, with or without a guide
  • Mountain rescue – including helicopter
  • 24 hour emergency assistance
  • Personal Liability – injuring others
  • Other activities – tobogganing, local ski racing, snow parks etc.
  • Skis left outside mountain restaurant
  • Insurance up to the age of 100
  • In house claims department


How to purchase an MPI Ski Insurance Policy?

Please feel free to create a quote using the link below, to benefit from an online discount.


Lapland Insurance

As the majority of Lapland activities do not include any downhill skiing, we suggest you choose MPI’s Wintersports policy, following with the option ‘reduced wintersports’, which removes the cover for downhill skiing, but keeps the other elements in place.

How to purchase an MPI Ski Insurance Policy?

Please feel free to create a quote using the link below, to benefit from an online discount.


(Please note: Inghams acts only as agent for the provider in respect of all MPI Brokers' services)


How to book

Our MPI Brokers travel insurance policy is only available by clicking on the insurance link on our website below:


Click here for MPI Brokers Insurance from Inghams Ski

Click here for MPI Brokers Insurance from Inghams Lapland


Premiums are payable directly to MPI Brokers and your insurance contract is with them, not Inghams. Medi-cards and other documentation will be issued by MPI Brokers.


Synopsis of cover

There are three different levels of cover (Economy, Standard and Excel)

Standard level of cover Sums Insured - per person

Emergency Medical expenses:

Any injury sustained or illness suffered while on holiday will be covered by our insurance policy. Your hospital charges will be covered as will any ambulance charges. Reasonable assistance will be provided to get you back home and additional accommodation expenses will be provided should you have to stay overseas.

Up to £5 million covered with a £100 excess 


Personal accident:

If you are seriously injured or the person that you are travelling with passes away while you are on holiday, you are entitled to claim on your insurance. In the unfortunate situation that you, or a member of your travelling party should unexpectedly die, or suffer the loss of a limb/ loss of sight, or suffer total disablement you are entitled to claim up to £25,000.

Up to £20,000 with no excess


Personal money:

Should the cash that you are carrying with you be lost or stolen while you are on holiday, up to £500 can be covered by your insurance. You must take responsibility and report the stolen money to the police as soon as possible (no later than 24 hours), along with confirmation of purchased foreign currency from your bank or Bureau de Change.

Up to £500 with £100 excess



Our insurance policy covers the loss or damage to your property while on your holiday. Belongings totalling up to £2,000 are covered. For items damaged during transit a report should be completed with the relevant transport provider. And for any items stolen on your holiday, a report should be completed with the local police. Evidence for the cost of repairs/ replacements should be provided to the insurance provider. You are also covered for the temporary delay of items arriving in resort.

Up to £2,000 with £100 excess


Travel delay:

In the unlikely event of industrial action, bad weather or mechanical breakdown affecting the transportation booked as a part of your holiday, compensation will be paid for either delay or cancellation. The amount you can claim will depend on the length of the delay.

Up to £150 with no excess


Missed departure:

This applies to international departures only, but covers both your outward and return journeys. If you miss your flight because you are involved in an accident or the vehicle you are travelling in has a mechanical breakdown on the way to the airport, additional travel expenses up to £750 will be covered for an alternative journey.

Up to £750 with no excess


Cancellation & Curtailment:

Should you have to cancel your holiday, depending on the circumstances, a claim may be made against your insurance. Reasons for cancellation that can be claimed against are: injury or illness to you (or your death), injury, illness or death of a friend or relative with whom you were to travel, jury service for you or a travel partner, your house burns down or is flooded.

Up to £3,000 with a £100 excess


Personal liability:

If you end up causing an accident which results in the bodily harm of others, or damage to other’s property, you may legally be responsible to pay for any such damages. In such instances, you may be covered by your insurance policy.

Up to £5 million with a £275 excess damage to property only


Legal Expenses:

The expenses for any legal services you may require can be covered by your travel insurance subject to the policy terms.

Up to £25,000 with no excess


Piste closure (snow guarantee):

Exclusive to the Inghams/Fogg travel insurance policy, you are covered for any costs up to £30 per day to travel to and from another ski area if there is total closure of the ski facilities and pistes in your area.

Up to £30 per day with no excess


Wintersports equipment:

If you have your skis/ rental equipment/ lift pass stolen a replacement will be covered by our insurance up to the value of £500/£250. In the case of any item being stolen, you must report this to the police at the earliest opportunity (no later than 24 hours after discovery of theft). If you have purchased ski carriage for your equipment and its arrival is temporarily delayed, you may also have a claim.

Up to £950 with a £100 excess (Own equipment - up to £750 / Hired equipment - up to £300 / Hiring equipment - up to £250) 



During the purchasing process, you will be asked a set of questions regarding your health, if you answer yes to any, then you can either complete a full screening form supplied by the system, or you can purchase the insurance with that condition excluded.


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