Ingham’s Guide to Capturing your Holiday Memories

How To Take The Best Holiday Photos

best holiday photos

We all know that one of the best parts of going away is not just sharing incredible holiday memories with those you’ve gone with, but also share the incredible pictures and videos you post on your social media for friends and family back at home. It’s also a great way to remind yourself of your amazing holiday memories for years to come!

We’ve put together some top tips on how to take the best picture, as well as our favourite European spots for taking memorable holiday photos.



best holiday photos

When you're exploring Europe's beautiful lakes and mountains, especially on one of our walking holidays, you'll want to capture the memorable views.

Top Tips

Choose a focal point

Landscapes often look better with some focal point in them. Good choices for focal points are buildings, trees, people or other types of rock formation.

Placing your horizon in the upper or lower third of a scene can give your photos more depth by having it either share the interest of the foreground or complement the sky.

Capture The Beauty of The Austrian Alps

The charming Austrian Alps of Europe provide a spectacular backdrop for adventure while hiking and photographing sparkling emerald lakes.


Architecture & Landmarks

best holiday photos

If you enjoy sharing your travel experiences with other people, capturing architecture and landmarks is a great way to make people feel as if they’re right there with you. However, it’s not all about the buildings. Bridges, fountains, monuments, and trellises can also give a sense of a place's character. Don’t forget the hidden gems.

Top Tips

Prioritise Good Lighting

Photographs taken in poor lighting conditions turn out grainy, blurry, and dull. Regardless of the time of day you are taking pictures, lighting should be a consideration in your composition. Good architectural lighting helps to emphasize a space, a specific structure, or atmosphere.

Capture The Beauty of Venice

Venice is a great place to get photos—its romantic canals, golden squares, and waterfront palaces are the perfect backdrop for an impressive camera capture.


Portraits & Selfies

best holiday photos

Today's photo albums are of the Facebook and Instagram kind,  so what better way to show off your holiday than with a selfie? One of the best ways to remember your holiday memories is by taking a picture of yourself and your friends who are sharing the moment with you.

Top Tips

Get a Glowing Golden Hour Selfie

Natural light is always the best and some of the most beautiful portraits can be taken at ‘Golden Hour.’ Watch for this sweet light at sunrise or sunset. It's warmer and more flattering than other light, which makes it ideal for selfies and portraits. 

Take a Selfie in Switzerland

Located in the shadow of Europe's highest mountains—the Matterhorn, Dom and Monte Rosa—Zermatt, Switzerland, is a prime spot for a selfie.



best holiday photos

One of the best parts of traveling to Europe is the food. You'll find some of the most delectable desserts, cheeses, chocolates and pastries in the world. Whatever your order, you'll want to take plenty of enviable pictures.

Top Tips

Find Your Angle

Experiment with perspective. Take photos of your food from a few different angles so you can pick the best one later. Your plate of food will look different depending on the angle, so you may be able to improve your photos by simply playing around with positioning of your phone or camera.

Capture Memorable Meals in France

France is famous for its delectable cuisine. If you want to capture mouth-watering delicacies, there's no better place to go than France. You'll certainly build quite an appetite after walking underneath the spectacular peaks of the Mont Blanc range in Chamonix, or exploring Lake Annecy.

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