Sardinia is one of the largest islands in the Mediterranean, which means there’s plenty of coastline to discover. This is a haven for beach lovers – the island has more than we can count. Most of them have white sands and crystal clear water so it’s easy to think you’ve landed in the Caribbean. We recommend hiring a car and visiting as many as possible. The protected dunes of Chia are our favourite and you can hang out with the resident flamingos.

The sea is the main attraction in Southern Sardinia, with lots of natural landscapes and little coves to find. The north is much more glam. Porto Cervo is where you’ll find the jet-setting crowd with their super-yachts docked at the marina. Grab a glass of prosecco here and enjoy a bit of people watching. From the north you can jump on a ferry to Corsica or Isola Maddalena and get back to nature.

Rena Ponente Beach, Capo Testa

Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. Its Northern Coast is home to idyllic white sandy beaches, plenty of fresh local seafood and beautiful medieval villages. 

The sea is the main attraction here with crystal clear water lapping on white sand beaches. The natural landscape has miles of cool pine forests with large areas of Mediterranean maquis stretching down to the sea

Sardinia’s Best Beaches

Chia, South Sardinia

This is one of the most picturesque bays in Sardinia – a title that’s not easy to earn. It’s an impressive sight of soft white sands that stretch up to 750 metres and up to 90 metres wide. Gentle slopes leading into the crystal-clear waters makes it a good choice for families and the land around the beach is protected, making it a nature-lover’s paradise.

Arcipelago di Maddalena

This isn’t technically one beach, but the picturesque coves and rugged seascapes of Maddelena are not to be missed. Just off the north of Sardinia, these seven scattered islands are only around a 20-minute ferry ride from Palau and boast hidden coves, long stretches of beach and rocky outcrops.

Arutas, Western Sardinia

Arutas stretches for several kilometres on Sardinia’s western coast and is made up of small grains of quartz in varying shades of pink, green and white. The affect is beautiful and its location makes it a popular choice for surfers.

Rena Bianca, North Sardinia

The sandy bay of Rena Bianca lies just 10 kilometres from Porto Cervo and boasts gently sloping white sands, watersports facilities and bars and restaurants within walking distance – making it a popular choice. Visit in May, June and September for quieter crowds.

La Pelosa, North Sardinia

Le Pelosa beach is known for its shallow turquoise waters and incredible white-sands, framed by a view of Isola Piana and Isola Asinara that sit a few hundred metres out to sea. There’s a snack bar here for light refreshments and sun loungers to rent.

Spiaggia del Principe, Costa Smeralda

Near the small village of Cala di Volpe on the glamourous Costa Smeralda, Principe beach is accessed by a ten- minute walk along a rocky path. The effort to get there is rewarded with a scene of soft sands, craggy rocks and crystal-clear waters that are perfect for snorkelling.

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