Holidays in Kronplatz

Kronplatz is a place of legends – a summer activity hub and stronghold of Ladin mountain culture, with the wilderness right on its doorstep

Kronplatz is the name of the mighty mountain that shares its name with the region beyond. Known as Plan de Corones in the local language of Ladin, there’s an array of ways to explore the valleys and peaks here, from footpaths to zip wires – as well as cable cars that put everything in easy reach. The village of San Vigilio di Marebbe welcomes visitors with mountain cuisine and cosy inns surrounded by pine woods, centuries-old farms and mountains. But, the wildest scenery lies just south, where Fanes-Senes-Braies Natural Park lays out the dramatic vistas the Dolomites are famous for – including the turquoise waters of Lago di Braies-Pragser Wildsee.

The legendary Kronplatz

The mountain of Kronplatz – or Plan de Corones – is the “crowning place” of Dolasilla, the warrior princess of the national epic of the Ladin people who have lived in the Dolomites for thousands of years. Hop in a cable car up to the crowning plateau, where you can explore the mountains with all the fearlessness of Dolasilla. Hike alpine paths, zoom down zip lines, tackle the via ferrata course, take to the skies on a paraglider, or rocket through the bike park on its dedicated (and occasionally hair-raising) trails.

Mountain huts and mountain museums

Hiking paths lead into the rocky vistas of the Dolomites – or you can stick to a leisurely loop around Kronplatz, stopping at the mountain huts, viewpoints and museums en route. Messner Mountain Museum, Corones is the Space Age creation of architect Zaha Hadid and renowned local mountaineer Reinhold Messner. Duck inside the plateau-edge museum to learn all about the history of mountaineering in the Tyrol. Rifugio restaurants serve up mountain fare nearby, with energy-boosting menus of canederli bread dumplings and charcuterie boards piled high with smoked speck ham and herb-crusted cheese.

Welcome to Ladinia

It’s a good idea to learn a little of the three local languages if planning a holiday to Kronplatz. German is most widely spoken after the region’s stint under Austrian rule, but you’ll also hear Italian and Ladin, the original language of these once-remote mountain valleys. In fact, Kronplatz is a stronghold of Ladin culture – best experienced by staying in a valley village such as San Vigilio di Marebbe. Here, life revolves around the cobblestone village square, where a baroque church points its steeple to the sky. Chalet-like houses, hotels and restaurants line the streets, some adorned with wood carvings and serving Tyrolean favourites like crispy feies da soni potatoes and poppy seed pasta.

Into the wild: walking in the Fanes-Sennes-Braies and Puez Odle natural parks

There’s a wild world beyond Kronplatz. Fanes-Senes-Braies Natural Park stretches out to the south-east. It’s perhaps best-known for the Alta Via 1 – one of the most famous long-distance hikes in the Dolomites. Easier routes take you rambling past sheer mountain faces, and onwards through bright green pastures grazed by hardy cows, rocky, forested valleys, and mountain meadows awash with wildflowers. 

The neighbouring Puez Odle Natural Park is another great choice for wanderers who like their walks with a bit of drama. The unusual geology of the Dolomites is on full display here, including tunnel-like cleft mountains and towering limestone karsts. Keep your eyes on the skies – you might just spy a golden eagle gliding overhead.

Why book a summer holiday in Kronplatz with Inghams?

At Inghams, we do walking holidays differently. With no fixed itinerary, you have more time in your destination and the freedom to walk as much or as little as you like, discovering some of Kronplatz best walking routes and activities at your own pace.

With over 85 years of outdoor travel experience, our holiday packages to Kronplatz include flights, transfers, and accommodation, so you can relax and leave the small details to us. Our experts can help you choose the best holiday for you, and our team in resort can give you the inside scoop on how to spend your time away with us.

Added value

Inghams rep based in resort

Flights and transfers included

Walking in and around Kronplatz

On an Inghams walking holiday, you have the freedom to explore the area at your own pace. Make each day a new adventure, with as much or as little walking as you like.

Why we love walking in Kronplatz

Kronplatz and the town of San Vigilio di Marebbe is a great Dolomite location if you’re looking for a mountain holiday with some easier walking trails. It has a good mixture of flatter and more mountainous terrain. There are lots of hilly areas surrounding the valley as well as meadowland, so it doesn’t have to be strenuous, and families will be well catered for. From lakes in the Fanes-Senes-Pargs Nature Reserve to mountain museums, there’s a great combination of sights to explore.

Getting around Kronplatz

Cable Cars

In true mountain fashion, the cable cars around Kronplatz are the best way to get up to those sought after viewpoints. The first lifts open in mid-May, but all lifts will be open by late June, so you’ll have more choice available. Many of the lift opening times and names are listed on the Kronplatz official website.

In Kronplatz itself, the Miara gondola links to the Col Toron gondola, taking you about half way up the mountain. The Trans Bronta gondola is closest to our hotels and takes you directly to the top of the Kronplatz mountain. If you want to explore the walking areas slightly further afield, the Kronplatz 2000 lift in Brunico takes about 15 minutes to the top (2,275 metres) from the valley and has fantastic views of the main town of Brunico – you can get to this lift on a bus. If you purchase the SuperSummer card before your trip it will give you access to over 100 lifts in the area. For more information about the SuperSummer card, head to the 'Cards & Passes' tab.


The buses are a useful and affordable way of hopping from place to place in the Sud Tirol region. To get to the main bus and train station you’ll have to head to the main town of Brunico, which you can get to on the bus. The bus from San Vigilio to Brunico has one change; take the 461 bus from San Vigilio to Zwischenwasser and change to the 460 bus to Brunico. This journey takes around 40 minutes in the daytime.

Our favourite walks in and around Kronplatz

From Lungiarü to Seres across Val di Murins-Miscì

Starting from the church in Lungiarü, passing over bridges and through forests to the town of Frëina. You’ll head through farms and the hamlet of Seres as you head towards the Val di Murins (Valley of the Mills). A really fertile piece of land, you’ll be surrounded by grass and trees with a stream rushing by. Pass the stream and you’ll head on towards the hamlet of Miscì, from which you’ll head downhill towards a very picturesque larch wood forest, with a small chapel and a nearby limestone kiln. Head back to Lungiarü along a wooded path.

  • Grade: Easy-Moderate
  • Distance: 5km
  • Duration: approx. 1 hour 30 mins
  • Ascent/Descent: 238m
  • Terrain: Meadows, asphalt, grassy terrain, woodland paths

Four Churches Trail

Walking through the Pusteral Plateau you’ll pass by the churches of St. Valentin in Grimaldo, St Cyriak in Falzes, St Nikolaus in Issengo and St.Johannes in Hassried. If you love church architecture, this is a great route to look into. The church of St.Valentin has a wonderful gothic style. From here you’ll head to church number two in Falzes, the church of St.Cyriak, where you can see the fantastic high altarpiece, by Karl von Henrici. The third church, St.Nicolas in Issengo, has a combination of Baroque and Gothic architectural features. The last church on this route, the church of Hasenreid, is dedicated to St. John the Baptist and is another example of late Gothic style architecture and was once a popular pilgrimage site. From here you’ll continue onto the Pfaffensteig trail and back to Grimaldo where the walk began.

  • Grade: Easy-Moderate
  • Distance: 6.6km
  • Duration: approx. 2 hours
  • Ascent/Descent: 184m (ascent)  107m (descent)
  • Terrain: Meadows, ascents/descents, hilly terrain, asphalt, roads, footpaths
  • Useful Information: This is a themed trail which you’ll need to travel to get to. It starts near Brunico in a small town called Grimaldo. You can get to the starting point in a taxi from San Vigilio di Marebbe which takes around 25 minutes, or take the bus to the Brunico Mobility centre and hop on the 421 or 422 bus to Grimaldo. Please note that St. Valentine's Church and St. John the Baptist Church are closed and can only be visited with a guide (on request locally).

The Peak 'Monte Sella di Senes'

Walking up to the summit of the Monte Sella de Senes at 2787m you’ll find yourself in the middle of the Fanes Senes Braies Natural park with incredible views of the Ampezzo mountains around you. The walk starts at the Senes hut and passes through meadows and by mountain huts before you come to a path which leads to the top of the mountain. At the top take advantage of the views of the Croda Rossa (3146m) and the Punta Sorapiss peaks (3205m).

  • Grade: Moderate-Challenging
  • Distance: 4.5km
  • Duration: approx. 2.5 hours
  • Ascent/Descent: 693m (ascent) 50m (descent)
  • Terrain: some loose rocky terrain, ascents, meadows, mountain paths
  • Getting there: 25 mins in a taxi transfer or 35 minutes on the 461 and 460 buses (change at Zwischenwasser) to Brunico
Useful Information & Guidelines

Recommended equipment

Suitable walking shoes with good grip, appropriate clothing, rain jacket, sun cream, sun glasses, rucksack, at least a litre of water, a re-usable water bottle, a snack and cash. You may find walking poles useful.

Walking maps

If you’re looking for a paper map, we’d recommend using the Kompass Bruneck, Kronplatz 1:25 000 map.

Hiking guidelines

The mountains are a natural paradise, with lots to explore and discover. To help them stay that way, and remain an enjoyable and safe place for everyone, we recommend following our little list of do's and don'ts:

  • Plan your route well and don't over-estimate yourself
  • Check the weather forecast
  • Tell someone where you're planning to walk and what time you're expecting to be back
  • Take all the recommended equipment
  • Make a note of emergency numbers:
    • Italian Emergency Services: 112
  • Don't leave the marked trails without a guide
  • Let nature stay wild by not picking flowers (it's illegal in some places) or getting close to/making contact with wild animals
  • Always leave gates as you found them and don't climb over fences
  • Leave no trace

Check out our Responsible Walking insider guide if you want more tips for your summer walking holiday.

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Hotel Teresa is a great choice if you're looking to connect with nature and relax this summer. Set in the stunning Kronplatz area and close to the walking lifts, you'll be in a prime position for exploring, walking and cycling. The owners even offer free excursions into the Fanes UNESCO national park.  

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  • 40 rooms
Dining Room, Summer Holidays in the Dolomites

Hotel Monte Sella is a fantastic base for a summer holiday in the mountains - you can rest assured you'll be looked after when you get back from walking, cycling or sightseeing in the San Vigilio di Marebbe area and beyond. With fantastic spa facilities and delicious food you'll have everything you need after long day exploring the area. 

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Hotel Monte Paraccia, Kronplatz, Dolomite Mountains

Hotel Monte Paraccia's in a fantastic location for walking out the door in the morning and heading straight into the mountains. There are some woodland areas nearby and you're not far from the Piz de Plaies gondola, which will take you to some stunning Dolomite viewpoints.

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Hotel Mareo, Lounge, Dolomites

Hotel Mareo has a panoramic position overlooking the village of San Vigilio di Marebbe, just a five minute walk from town. It's a stylish family run hotel with fantastic spa facilities. Ideal for a summer walking and wellness getaway in the mountains.

Dolomiti SuperSummer Card

The Dolomiti SuperSummer card is useful if you’re looking to really take advantage of the walking trails and use several ski lifts throughout the Dolomite area. It gives you access to 120 lifts in the region. You can buy the SuperSummer card before heading off on your holiday online on the Dolomiti Supersummer official website.

The card includes access to:

  • 120 lifts in the Dolomites area
  • Included bike transport on lifts

For a 3 day card the cost is:

  • €120 per adult
  • €84 for children under 16 years

For a 5 day card the cost is:

  • €160 per adult
  • €112 for children under 16 years


  • Children under 8 years can access the card for free if accompanied by an adult who has purchased the pass

Prices are accurate at the time of publishing, for up to date pricings visit the Dolomiti Supersummer official website.

Things To Do

Things to see and do in Kronplatz

Plan de Corones sits below Mount Kronplatz. The unique flat top mountain is perfect for a family day out exploring the area. Keep an eye out for wildlife on the way up in the gondola. At the top there’s a farm where the Tibetan highland yaks are always posing for a photo.

A visit to the Messner Mountain Museum is a must. In this space-like building carved into the rock side you can learn all about Reinhold Messner, the extreme climber and mountaineer. Exhibits include the science of glaciers and the history of the local people. 

Food & drink

The region’s famous for its food with influences from Italy, Austria and Switzerland. Be sure to try delicious local food like canederli (bread dumplings) with local speck ham and cheese. Alpine huts dotted around the mountains are some of the best places to immerse yourself in the local food scene. They’re also the perfect spot for a cool beer or refreshing glass of wine. 


Mountain biking is massive in the area with loads of trails ready to be torn up. All levels are welcome with a range of routes to try. Enjoy the lovely sweeping flow-lines running down the mountain on your own or speak to the bike school in resort for expert advice. 

Kronplatz is full of action. Have a go at archery, take to the high ropes course or hurl yourself down a zip wire - it’s all possible here.

The latest attraction found at the top of Mount Kronplatz is the Skyscraper. Strap into your harness and let gravity do the rest on this giant swing. Will you be brave enough to keep your eyes open and embrace the incredible views?

Family activities in Kronplatz

There is so much fun to be had for families with children of all ages in Kronplatz and surrounding areas. Check out a selection of family fun on offer below.

Endless activities

Kron trampoline park is the perfect place to burn off that extra energy and see the mountain views from even higher. Or, check out the summer tubing track for some high-speed fun. For those warm summer days, cool off at the Cron4 indoor swimming pool where you'll find five pools to splash around in, plus an impressive 75 metre long water slide.

Younger children will enjoy the playparks on offer, head to the pes-pesc playground in the town of San Vigilio di Marebbe. Or visit kids world Olang/Valdaora which has several 100 square metres of forest playgrounds, a water world, climbing areas and a super slide.

Other activities in the area include cycling on the many bike trails, taking part in a high rope course, or trying a game of 3D archery.

Find adventure in the mountains

If you’re looking for a walking trail that the whole family will enjoy, take part in the the bread-and-butter themed trail. A family friendly hike where you can learn about alpine farming and how bread and butter is made – yum! Head to the middle station Olang 1 and 2 for the start of the trail.

Have you ever seen a 40-metre-long marble run? The wooden ball track Kronplatz starts from the mountain station Olang 1 & 2 and finishes at the Kron restaurant where you can enjoy a bite to eat after a busy morning. Will your marble be the quickest? Take part in the Kronplatz treasure hunt by purchasing a junior or children’s ticket. Take your stamp card, map, and instructions to nine stations across the Dolomites. Once you’ve completed the task of collecting all the stamps – collect your treasure.

Good to know

Walking trails: 400km of walking trails and easy access to other valleys and mountains in the Dolomites

Terrain: Varied terrain from mountain climbs to flat, grassy meadows, hilly terrain, asphalt surfaces and mountain paths

Best time to go: mid-June to mid-September. It can get hot in August but the high-altitude walks are a great way to cool off. All cable cars will be open by late June, so this will give you more options for walking areas to explore.

Best for: All walking abilities, nature, activities, food & drink

Fly into: Innsbruck (approx. 2 hours)

Fly from: Manchester, London Gatwick, Birmingham, Bristol

Transfer time: approx. 2 hours 30 mins by coach

Resort Card: Super Summer card – access to over 100 cable cars and chairlifts in the Dolomites area (purchase in advance online before your holiday) 

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