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Alghero Holidays

Hidden in the northwest corner of Sardinia, shrouded in medieval history lies the town of Alghero. Despite being a hub for summer tourism, Alghero has done the impossible and retained its character, wearing its scars of war with pride and its Gothic architecture towering over the historical centre leaving no doubt in the mind of any passersby that this was and still is one of Italy’s most prominent locations.

The centre works as both a base to explore the nearby crystal waters of the Riviera Del Corallo but also as a destination in its own right. The narrow lanes which weave through the town seem more suited to Victorian London than they do the Mediterranean, the rough cobbles and softly crumbled terracotta walls giving way to piazzas, boutique stores and some of the best wine bars in the south of Italy. It is opulent yet reserved, the golden beaches and turquoise waters complementing the history in which the town is steeped. Spanish influence still presides over the town, the lingering touches of the Catalan empire emphasizing just how much Alghero has seen since its inception and what secrets it has to offer.

There is a cultural kick to this town, one that is not often expected; but it goes to show, the charm of this stunning island is what makes it one of the best and liveliest in Italy.

Inghams operate a telephone Rep service in Alghero.

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