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Airport parking & hotels

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Checking in

Check-in desks open approximately 2-3 hours prior to departure and we recommend you check-in at least 2 hours before. Each passenger must check-in their own luggage as this is an important security check. You will need to produce your e-tickets and passports (e-tickets are checked against passports) and have your baggage weighed. Most airports no longer call out flight boarding details so you must watch the indicator board and individual TV monitors. Inghams cannot accept any responsibility for passengers who miss flights if they fail to check-in at the specified time shown on flight tickets.

Online Check-in

Online check-in is now available on some of our scheduled flights to Europe and North America. We will provide you with an airline locator with your e-tickets approximately 2 weeks before you travel. You will then be able to access your booking via your airline's website 24 hours before departure and pre-book your seats or check-in online.

Online check-in is also not available with any of our charter airlines or low cost carriers. Where seats have been pre-booked on our charter services, exact seat numbers will be provided to you at check-in.

Luggage and Excess Baggage

Due to weight and volume restrictions, our airline partners impose the following baggage allowances per person.

Charter flights

Normally 15-20kg per person (excluding infants) but varies by airline. Your allowance will be shown on your e-ticket.

Low Cost scheduled flights

Carriage of one piece of baggage will automatically be reserved for you.

All airlines (including charter carriers) now strictly enforce these limits and will charge for excess baggage, either per kilo or by extra piece. Please check the airlines' websites for the most up-to-date information regarding baggage allowances.

Please note: All baggage restrictions are implemented and enforced by the airline - Inghams does not charge (or receive any revenue) for excess baggage.

Hand Luggage

Passengers (excluding infants) are allowed to carry ONE piece of cabin baggage on board free of charge. Handbag, briefcase, laptops, etc must be carried within your permitted 1 piece of cabin baggage. It should weigh no more than 5kg and not exceed the maximum dimensions of 55cm x 40cm x 20cm. As a guide, your carry-on bag must be able to fit either underneath the seat or in the overhead compartment.

Due to ongoing security restrictions, only liquids in containers of 100mls or less will be permitted through the passenger security screening points. Liquid items must be carried in a transparent re-sealable bag (about the size of a small freezer bag).

Pre-book your Seating Arrangements

To ensure your party sits together, you can pre-book seats on the following airlines: Monarch and Thomson Airways. Simply reserve your seats at the time of booking or up to 12 days before departure for a small charge of £9 per person return to Europe. Please note that seats may be separated by an aisle due to aircraft configurations. Exact seat numbers are given at check-in. Should we cancel or change your airline to one that is not part of this scheme, we will of course issue a full refund.

Essential Medicines

Essential medicines and medical equipment, eg hypodermic needles required for your holiday may be permitted onboard in larger quantities above the 100ml limit. Passengers must have a note from their GP supporting this.

In-flight Catering

Please check your flight tickets for full details. Meals are served on all transatlantic services. On most short-haul services within Europe a "Buy on Board" service is now offered.

Baby Food

Liquid baby food or sterilised water, sufficient for the journey, can be taken through airport security. The accompanying adult may be required to verify by tasting.

Flight Supplements

Charter & Low Cost scheduled flights

Flight supplements may apply on certain dates and routes. You will be advised of the actual price at the time of booking.

Other scheduled flights

Most scheduled airlines have several different 'booking classes' for the same seat. Depending on such factors as aircraft size, day/time of departure, a variable number of seats will be available in each booking class. Airlines operate sophisticated yield management systems and are constantly updating availability and prices. Our reservations system checks for the most up-to-date position. You may therefore be offered different supplements at different times. If you book early you have the best chance of obtaining the lowest price economy class seat.

Advanced Passenger Information (API)

The UK Government requires airlines to collect API for passengers on routes to and from the UK. Airlines will only provide each country's authorities with the relevant information required by them. However, some governments also require airlines to provide them with Passenger Name Records (PNR). Governments of some other countries also require API.

For most countries, API is restricted to the standard information contained in the Machine Readable Zone (MRZ) in machine-readable passports which can be scanned or swiped at airport check-in and transmitted to the country concerned at the time the aircraft departs.

Please note that any failure to provide the required information may result in your carriage being denied. Please be assured that we have measures in place to protect the personal information you provide us (please see our Privacy Policy).

More information can be found on the home office website.

Airport Transfers

Our holiday prices include return transfers between your overseas airport and resort. Your transfer will normally be by coach, rail or included car hire depending on your resort and flight. We also offer private transfers to many resorts.

Coach Transfers

Our holiday prices include return transfers between your overseas airport and resort. Transfers are normally by coach or rail depending on your resort and flight. Although occasionally it may be necessary to ask you to wait for guests arriving on other flights, we are committed to reducing waiting times to a minimum. Please note:

  • Feeder services may sometimes be used.
  • Adverse weather, unusually heavy traffic or flight diversions may cause delays beyond our reasonable control. On peak holiday dates we may arrange your homebound transfer earlier than normal to allow for extra traffic. If this happens, the decision of our overseas staff is final and we will not be liable for any delays or expenses incurred if you choose to make your own transfer arrangements later.
  • Transfer journey times (exclusive of time spent at the airport) from overseas airports to resorts are shown on resort pages. Times may vary due to traffic conditions, especially during UK and European holiday periods.

Private Transfers

We offer private taxi transfers for the ultimate speed and convenience for guests booking a full package with flights and accommodation. You can book a private transfer up to 14 days before departure, but we recommend you confirm this at time of booking to ensure it is reserved for you. Prices are shown through our online booking process. If booking after your holiday, please contact us for a quote. Infants must be added as an additional passenger as special arrangements apply.

Please note that some scheduled flights have compulsory private transfers; these are shown in the travel sections on resort introduction pages. Stretch limousine transfers are available for transfers to Whistler in Canada. Private transfer prices will be displayed during the online booking process or contact us for a quote.

For more information, please contact us.

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