Insider's Guide: Top 5 scary ski runs

Attention all adrenaline junkies! Our ski programme is home to many of the world’s most electrifying (read terrifying) ski runs. Want to know where they are and maybe even try some, or even see if you've skied any of them? Then check out our top 5 scary ski runs and see where we recommend you stay to take them on.

1. Harakiri in Mayrhofen, Austria
2. Tortin in Verbier, Switzerland
3. Saslong in Selva, Italy
4. Le Tunnel in Alpe d'Huez, France
5. Face de Bellevarde in Val d'Isère, France

1. Harakiri


Location: Mayrhofen, Austria

We love our friends in Austria for their quirks and here’s a run that best shows off their flair. Mayrhofen’s Harakiri run is quite the spectacle and though it may not be that long, it certainly is steep – measuring up at a terrifying 38˚ - making it Austria’s steepest run.

Inghams Recommends: The Hotel Strass boasts an ideal location in the centre of Mayrhofen's vibrant streets, directly next to the Penken Gondola. 

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2. Tortin


Location: Verbier, Switzerland

Tortin has to be one of Europe’s most notorious mogul fields largely because of its steepness and length. Found on the way to Nendaz, this mine field is a true test of leg strength with few making it down in one go without stopping, such is the technique and endurance it requires – watch those knees!

Inghams Recommends: The superb Xtra Chalet de Verbier is right in the centre of Verbier and just a short walk from the Medran lifts.

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3. Saslong


Location: Selva, Italy

This run is so exhilarating that it finds itself a part of the FIS Ski World Cup and is one of the 5 classic races alongside Val d’Isère (more about that one later), Wengen, Kitzbühel and Garmisch. Klammer, Zubriggen and Lund Svindal are just some of the famous names that have won races here.

Inghams Recommends: The 4* Hotel Antares is one of the best-located hotels in Selva, with fantastic and friendly service in addition to quick access to the Ciampinoi gondola.

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4. Le Tunnel


Location: Alpe d'Huez, France

So called because it has a tunnel leading into it, this Alpe d’Huez run is really not for the faint-hearted. The tunnel opens out on to the sharp and mightily challenging decline that has turned many a set of legs into jelly in its time – you’ve been warned!

Inghams Recommends: Chalet Hotel Les Cimes has become a firm favourite with our guests. You can ski back virtually to the door, which is always handy after a day on the slopes. 

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5. Face de Bellevarde


Location: Val d'Isère, France

The second of our World Cup runs to make the list, Face de Bellevarde – colloquially known as Face is renowned for the pace you can pick up whilst on it, particularly early season when it’s nice and icy, sending shudders through many spines for more than one reason.

Inghams Recommends: 
It has to be Chalet Hotel & Spa Le Savoie with its platinum service and superb facilities. Not only that, but you can see this beautiful run lit up at night from the dining room - enticing you to give it a go. 

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